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Quad-City Mallards soon Q-C Flames


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The Quad-City Mallards -- home of some of the 'worst' jerseys as defined here (remember the Western-themed sheriff jerseys) -- are moving up from the UHL to the AHL. Actually, Calgary's Omaha franchise is moving to the Q-C and the UHL team is ceasing operations.

I figured they'd keep the established name (with history and CHL/UHL titles), but it looks like they are going to be the Quad-City Flames:


I have to admit the Calgary logo can be adapted pretty easily to "QC." Wonder if the community will embrace Calgary's celebration style as well.

EDIT: Removed the question mark. Should have stopped at one more site before posting:

Mallards migrate, Flames light in Q-C


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That sucks. I think Omaha (or Aks-ar-Ben or whatever the hell weird name it was) had one of the coolest logos in the league.

Ak-Sar-Ben = "Nebraska" spelled backwards.

I used to go to the horse track there and lose money.

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