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New Iowa State basketball uniforms


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To go along with the rebranding of everything else, someone found pictures of Iowa State's new basketball uniforms (just the home ones).

Really nothing going on. Almost all white, kinda like a practice jersey, with really large text and an awkwardly-low-placed logo. And where's the gold?



You can see the back shoulder in the mirror... It looks like SOD.
Who made these? Any sort of corporate branding is conspicuously absent ... not that I'm complaining.
You can see the shorts striping on the guy in the right mirror on the second pic. Looks like SOD to me.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that they're Nike System of Dress (SOD). You can also see a bit of the away jersey in the background.

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Should there just be one big steaming sh!+ pile.......er..I mean thread for all the "NEW" Nike-fied SOD unis?

Most of the SOD uniforms aren't bad, in fact I like a lot of them. These, however are just terrible.

And to answer your question, one thread for all the SOD uniforms would be good.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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