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Buffalo Bills Logo


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I am from Buffalo and have long suffered that awful red helmet. The white is beautiful. The white throwback is terrible because its just boring. I know its a throwback, but its just bland. I like everything about these unis. The only thing I would consider changing is the number font. LOVE the update on the logo, and the uniforms just flow wonderfully.



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you need to use the red helmets instead of the white. and coming from a bills fan, i thought it might be helpful. we hate those white helmets



Speak for yourself, I LOVE the white helmets and apparently sigma agrees with me.

Don't get me wrong I have no problem with the red one, but I just prefer the white.

As for the concept, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the updated bill. It's basically like bringing the current one up to date, but that's what they need.

I tend to agree with the comments about the socks, I just don't know if the blue pants and the blue top of the socks works out right. Maybe you could just play with different color combos.

As for the pants, they look good but I'd like to see the logo on the pants removed, not a big deal really.

The jersey, to me at least, looks like an update of the throwback jersey, which works just fine for me!

I really like the little thick to thin stripe you use on the pants, sleeves, and helmet.

Overall, I'd describe this as a modernization of a combanation of different Bills uniforms over their history....and I love it.


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As a Bills fan, I like the white helmet.

My only complaint is that the numbers on the blue jersey make it look like the Patriots' old jerseys (the font and coloring is very similar to the first one the Pats used on their first post-Pat the Patriot jersey).

And, I'm not going to speak for other Bills fans here, but man, do I hate the $&%^*% Patriots.

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some excellent feedback here.

very interesting stuff. always interested in what the fans of particular teams see

as 'on brand' to coin a horrible phrase.

right, i will attempt to please all of the people, all of the time with the next iteration. haha.

stay tuned!

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Niiiiice. I love the blue jersey. Not too crazy about the red border around the numbers, though, especially on the white jersey.

I'd either ditch the red helmet, or show it being used. I like both, but think the white might work better on all of the combos, except the white on white uni. That one might work better with a red helmet.

Oh, and change the facemask to white.

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I'm not really feeling the changes. I think your original buffalo logo was better. It was simpler, and the new wavy red/white stroke doesn't convey the same sense of speed and power.

I also don't like the white shoulders on the blue jersey, and I think the thin gray outlines that were added to the striping are unnecessary.

I do like the new numbers and the red socks. I think they'd make your original post nearly perfect. Keep tweaking until you're satisfied, because this is a great concept.


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yes, you are right.

i made some alterations to the initial logo i made.

as someone pointed out he looked a bit sad looking and i felt

i wanted him to have a straighter back.

below i have put the bolt back in.

im not convinced by the bills colours, the red is too close in tone to

the blue and the red.

im thinking that i might bin the royal blue and stick with the navy and keep

the silver. not sure?

here is the logo progression.


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I love the 4th (furthest to the right) in the way of the logo.

I also think your idea of keeping the navy blue and silver, while dropping royal blue works. To me, as cool as the old jerseys are, the royal blue just looks like it's a "worn out color", you know, like after you wash your favorite shirt too much and it ends up faded.

I really like the red top of the socks by the way, thanks for that!

GTA United(USA) 2015 + 2016 USA Champions/Toronto Maroons (ULL)2014, 2015 + 2022 Gait Cup Champions/Toronto Northmen (TNFF)

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The last one you did is a major downgrade to me. I would stick with the lighter blue. The white sleeves on the solid jerseys arent doing it for me. I also dont like the red socks. You already addressed the logo downgrade.

That is just my opinion.

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opinions are fine. i reckon youre right to be honest.

however, unfortunately you cant please everyone so this is my final round of changes.

*have all but eliminated two colours. the blues are too close and the red and nickle look

odd to me, so i have just used the navy, the red and white as the primary colours.

*have managed to incorporate the silver and pale blue in the piping and the numbers

in hopefully as subtle a way as possible.

*have hopefully fixed the logo which im quite happy with now.

*have kept the stripe style that seemed to go down well.

*red hats for fans of red hats.


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here is the logo progression.


Love the logo, love the uniforms so far, love the white helmet. The original draft of the logo is the best IMO, but you need to work on the head. The forehead needs to be rounded off. I know it's supposed to be aggressive and edgy but that's just the way a buffalo looks. I like all the uniforms except the light blue set. Nicely done, but let's see a rounded buffalo head to make it perfect!

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I love this. Truly great work.

Just an idea, in order to keep away from the Pats look ditch the navy, and in order to keep from the out of date ditch the royal.

I would try something new, maybe a slate blue.

Just an idea.

Agreed. I was going to say the exact same thing. You need to be able to differentiate not only from the Patriots but also the Texans. I would say try to use a new kinda blue (definitely not navy but a little different from royal). Plus, add something red to the numbers and a blue facemask wouldn't hurt.


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This latest attempt really does it for me.

To be honest, my guilty pleasue with the current Bills set is the nickle stripes on the helmet, so the fact that you kept it in there is something I like.

I gotta tell you man, these are just great. Plain and simple. I could take or leave the wordmark over the numbers, that's my only "iffy-ness" on this anymore.

Don't touch it anymore, it looks done to me. I really like it.

Great work! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

P.S. I love how you included the potential taping, gives a good idea as to what Marshawn Lynch would look like in this set.

GTA United(USA) 2015 + 2016 USA Champions/Toronto Maroons (ULL)2014, 2015 + 2022 Gait Cup Champions/Toronto Northmen (TNFF)

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