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i am a big NASCAR fan. am i the only one on the board?

i see nascar pain schemes as being akin to sports uniforms. i find they can be jsut as creative and visually appealing.

here are (in no order) my favorite nascar paint schemes

Kurt Busch-#97 (Rubbermaid)

Ryan Newman-#12(Alltel)

Tony Stewart-#20(Home Depot)

Greg Biffle-#16(Grainger)

Jerry Nadeau-#01(US Army)

if there are any other fans here, let me know ur favorites

[and please, no nascar-bashing]

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You are not alone.  I've been following NASCAR closely for about 10 years and was a casual fan for about 10 or so years prior to that.  I agree that there is a visual appeal to paint schemes, although most of the teams tweak their schemes frequently and also run alternate schemes depending on their sponsor or sponsors, so they aren't as "consistent" as team uniforms tend to be.  My favorite scheme was the Kellogg's Corn Flakes scheme Terry Labonte ran from 1995-99.  Of course, he's my favorite driver so I am a bit biased.  Of the present schemes, I'd have to say that the DEI trio (1, 8 and 15) are very visually attractive - not too junked up and I love the "E/3" stripes.  The most disappointing scheme in my mind is the 88.  It should be all brown. (For those unaware, the 88, driven by Dale Jarrett, is sponsored by UPS and is predominately white)
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Yeeeeeehaw the good ole boys......Boogity Boogity Boogity.....LOL sorry had to do it ;) anywho id have to say that my top 5 paints would be

1: Dale Jr. #8 Bud

2: Jamie McMurray #42 Havoline

3: Jeff Gordon #24 Dupont

4: Ryan Newman #12 Alltell (didnt look so good after Daytona though)

5: Elliot Sadler #38 M&Ms

Fav Driver is Jimmie Johnson.....suffice to say that the Lowes paint scheme while clean and decent looking is uninspiring

Well theres my take on things ;)

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im also a NASCAR fan belive it or not and i've found some car template @ this site to create your paint scheme which im currently working on myself





as far as my favorite driver ?

it anyone as long they dont drive a Chevy(something about that "bowtie" that annoys me) but if had to choose a driver that drives a Chevy it would be Dale Earnhard Jr.

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I had maintained a casual knowledge of Nascar drivers and their cars for the past few years. I can't call myself a fan, I'd never be able to watch a whole race, but I can appreciate it as a sport.

In response to the colour schemes. I would like the paint jobs a lot more if the cars didn't have all the million tiny ads on the side, and just focused on one sponsor in the paint job. In my mind that would be like having a jersey of a team, with a bunch of league and sponsor logos decorating the back of it. However, my favourite paint scheme was Jeff Gordon's (Pepsi?) scheme that had the predominantly blue car with red flames and a few other splashes of colour, although I remember that Corn Flakes car as being one that stood out as well. IMO, focus on painting a car in terms of one sponsor and one driver.

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SyPhi I believe you are talking about Gordon's Dupont car. He also drives/drove a Pepsi Busch series car I believe.

Those templates are from I believe NASCAR Racing 4 by Papyrus. I have them as photshop documents d/led off of Papy's site. I wanted the game soo bad, but people are dumb and refuse to make games for Macs.

I at one time planned on making a site of NASCAR Winston Cup designs starting with about 1990 and going through the present. I don't have time for this however, so it will probably never be a reality.

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I'm a HUGE fan of NASCAR. I've gotta say that my favorite paint schemes have to be:

#5 Terry Labonte - Frosted Flakes

#6 Mark Martin - Viagra

#42 Jamie McMurray - Texaco

not a nascar fan, but I can throw out what paint job I dislike...

#88 Dale Jarrett - (no need to disclose sponsor)


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I'm a NASCAR fan myself, I've only been a fan since 2001 though, and I do agree about the cars though, they are just like uniforms for the teams.  My favourites are...

8 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. - Budweiser (My favourite driver, coincidence?)

20 - Tony Stewart - Home Depot (Who knew orange, black and white could go together?)

38 - Elliot Sadler - M&M's (It just looks really neat)

24 - Jeff Gordon - Pepsi (His alternate Pepsi car is very nice looking, with the Pepsi blue colour)

29 - Kevin Harvick - GM Goodwrench (The silver and black car looks very sharp)</font>



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Jeff Gordon does have a very good design.

and someone mentioned JJ, ur right, he is awesome, but the paint scheme could be better, allthough its better that the old Lowes #31.

i'm sorry but i cant take a Vigara car seriously. thats probably the reason Martin has lost so many fans.  :D

as for the #88, its ok. i dont like Dale Jarrett so i dont really like it too much.

all in all, i think nascar does a great job with the cars. and some of the drivers uniforms are pretty cool too.

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One time i found a website that depicted all the paint schemes for all the cars for at least the last 5 years or so, i can't remember it now, but i think you can find it off google or something

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#obsess Obsess Obsess - (obsess obsess obsess obsess obsess)

Well, that's what it looked like to me.  :;):

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