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Make your own font, FREE!


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I've always wanted to do this but never wanted to pay for Fontifier...

Yourfonts is a site that lets you download their template, print it, write your own written letters on, scan it, and make a TTF font of your handwriting, for free! Also, the template is a PDF, so I don't see why anyone couldn't load this into AI and make real fonts with this tool, and if you do it all virtually, no printing or scanning required. I have to go try this now. Awesome!

I love you, Lifehacker!

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Wow, you know, I've fantasized about this for a while now. When I was younger I would always think "what if there was some sort of software that let you scan in your own handwriting?".

Damn YourFonts, stole my 'idea'. :P

Great find gingerbreadmann.

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Now one quick question how can i be able to type like that here??

No because then the font would have to be installed on the computer on which it is viewed. You see, the text is saved on the ccslc's server as text in a certain font (say Arial) on a way that looks similar tv he bb code that these posts are in and then that is decifered by your browser and a displayed as you see it. If Arial weren't installed on your computer then it wouldn't be able to display it properly. For example, the quote in my sig is set in Garamond but on my iPod is appears to be set in Arial; this is because Garamond isn't installed on the device, so safari uses a default typeface (arial) to display it in. So if you were to do text in that font it would only properly appear to those who have that font installed on their computer, this is why there are a set of standard typefaces that are usually packaged with OSes. So in short no.

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