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Discrimibattle-manic March Elite Eight


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I've been thinking all day about what to do for this week's challenge, and i took into consideration that yesterday happened to be my golden birthday :hockeysmiley:

so this round of Manic March will be the Gold Battle. You'll be able to do one jersey set for any team you want, only the primary color of at least the jersey must be one of these shades:

yellow gold

vegas gold




basically, anything that someone can look at and figure it's gold, or at least gold-ish. you can still use the team's normal colors however...and now i must ban these teams, as they have gold jerseys:

New Orleans Saints

Vanderbilt Commodores


Los Angeles Lakers

Indiana Pacers

San Diego Padres

Nashville Predators

Boston Bruins

Navy Midshipmen

Minnesota Golden Gerbils

LSU Tigers

Purdue Boilermakers

Florida State Seminoles

Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Columbus Crew

Cleveland Force

Brevard Blue Ducks








Club America

and anyone else who you know has a gold jersey...if i listed em all, it'd take up a whole page :D

however, they're not COMPLETELY banned...you can use em, you just have to come up with a different design from what they wear. at least two apparent differences mandatory if you choose to do one of the listed teams.

now that (i hope) you know what's going on for the most part, let's go! the shebang ends friday night, 7 pm, and voting ends at the same time sunday.

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i want to create a University of South Florida Bulls, since I go here, and was wondering if I could use them. The have gold in their colors, but no gold jersey? is this ok?

it's within the rules, as you say they don't have gold jerseys currently.

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Heres mine:

I go to USF (University of South Florida for those who don't know), and always wanted one sport to adopt a gold alternate. It hasn't happened yet and most likely wont till at least next year, but what the heck, I can still dream, can't I?

USF Gold Baseball


Comments please!

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Here's my entry:


I don't know if anybody has used the flames on the sleeves before, frankly I'd be surprised if anybody hasn't. Anyhoo, hope you all like it, even sans the 'Smoking-nostrils horse' alternate logo.

Go Sens Go!

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yeah, a 'Flaming' jersey's been posted before, just not in this thread til now. said jerseys have, however, never used gold as the primary color so congrats on making history ^_^

good choice with the C, if only cus there are many here that hate the horsehead.

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