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NBA Logo/Uniform Changes for 2009-10...


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Who else noticed that in the suns playoff logo, the basketball over playoffs is red.

I did, and it disturbed me. I think they might be taking it from the bottom/back third of the ball. Take a look


If you do an eyedropper on that crescent, it's undoubtedly some kind of red. Why on Earth they decided to use that color as their second color, though, is beyond me.

C'mon guys...you know where to reference that sort of thing!:



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In his NBA uni watch roundup today Paul Lukas mentioned a "bombshell" that will be announced later this season that he's not at liberty to discuss yet. Anyone have any info/guess what this might be?

Did we ever find out what this was? Just curious.

I think it was the Hornets' Mardi Gras Unis but I could be mistaken

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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