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I think I've finally put the perfect look for Syracuse on paper (in my eyes). Alot of fans want to return to the uniforms of the late 80s and 90s. I wouldnt mind that, but we can do better. Those were somewhat iconic for us, but it is a new era, and those were, while classy, pretty bland. I still favor a simple, classic look. I came up with a newer look, that is still very old school, with a little bit of this and that from every generation of Syracuse football. New coach alot of us beleive in, and a new set of uniforms for him to attach his hopefully positive legacy to.

Helmets- I kept basically our current helmets, only modifying the stripes to coincide with the striping throughout the set.

Jerseys- I went with plain bold block numbers, something i think can look pretty boss on a old school uniform. For the striping, i took the design from the '59 team, changing only to add orange. I also added a small "Syracuse" wordmark underneath the collar. It is the same script that was actually used on the old basketball jersey. It is subtle but I think works well. A little change of pace from seeing the block S everywhere. Not shown here, but names on back would be solid in same color as number.

Pants- I went to a classic striping pattern Ive always liked alot, but the Orange(men) have never used. Again, it is classy, simple, and different. Also placed a small block S on front hip area.

Socks- Contemplated adding matching striping as on the jerseys, but decided against it. Socks should be a player by player choice, as Syracuse hasn't worn long socks traditionally.

Cleats- White Cleats for the Orange. Helps the Orange and Navy stand out.




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Love the look and the (old b-ball?) script. You've given them a classic feel without going "ZOMG, retro!!1" Not big on the throwback though.

yep old bbal script as seen here:


And Its not like my idea for a throwback...its the 1959 Natl Champions uni. alot of people would like to see it broken out this year, being 50 years and all.

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jerseys in particular definitely remind me of Auburn, but that is okay do not change them. love the look! however, with the tweaks they made recently their uniform definitely looks better (white numbers...instead of solid orange, yuck!)

now, do me a favor and fix the Orange's bball uniforms.

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Being a fan of traditional looks, I like that you went in that direction (including the gray facemask).

One thing: on the tri-color shoulder stripes I never liked the large middle stripe to be white. I think it looks better if it were orange and the smaller flanking stripes were white.

Overall, very nice.

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I figured out what was kind of bothering me about the set with white pants-- the orange socks. I feel like it would look better with blue, though as you said syracuse doesn't wear long socks traditionally so its no big deal.

I think the grey facemask works here, honestly. I'm not sure why-- maybe it's because grey on facemasks is sort of the absence of color rather than the presence of grey, and that works with the overall understated look of the unis.

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