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Draw Brawl 09 Challenge Three


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As the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics draws near, The British Olympic Association has created a new identity for the Team GB Ice hockey Squad. The Lions as they will be known have a brand new primary, secondary and wordmark logos.

The BOA has approached you, a small hockey kit manufacturer in North America to produce the uniform using their new identity. Purposefully avoiding the larger sports brands, the Great Britain team wish to add to their unique branding with an equally revolutionary uniform design. It is your job to produce for them the following:

* A home/away uniform combo plus,

* A third 'clash' uniform using the old Team GB logos. A throwback if you will!

You may include any other elements you wish.

You will find below, the image pack complete with (clockwise from top left) primary logo, wordmark, secondary logo, vancouver 2010 logo (must be included in all uniforms), a Union Jack flag, the old Team GB rampant lion design (must be used in throwback)


please pm me if you require a vector version of the file.

- Please remember when e-mailing your entry to format the subject like "Challenge # - Tier # - username" PLEASE pick your own tier, no "put me in whatever tier you want me in."

- Do NOT include any hints (personal marks, usernames, real names, etc) on any part of your entry. This will result in disqualification from the round without notification. If anything is altered in any way, not saved in the right format, not the right size, etc., we will not accept it. Sorry, but there were a handful of incidents this round where we had to go through the whole process of sending out individual PM's, looking out for people's backs. It can fly for that first round, but from now on we have to tighten it up.

-Please use the official Draw Brawl template for your work. DO NOT resize it in any way.

ALSO PLEASE read the rules before you ask questions. There have been many questions asked where a person could simply look in the rules thread, first post, and find everything they need. Please do so, it makes our job a lot easier.

The deadline will be 10 DAYS from now, not 2 weeks, so they will be due Friday, September 11th, at 11:59 PM EST.

Thank you all, any questions just post here. Good luck!

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