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Wafflebowl Ii


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WaffleBowl II: The X-Line Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Pick a MLB, NBA or NFL team (or an NHL/NCAA team that doesn't have an X-Line logo - for reference as to who has one already and who doesn't, go here)
  • Make a Zephyr-esque X-Line logo for said team (one entry per entrant).
  • Post it here by April 28th.

Sounds easy enough, right? Good luck and happy, err, logoing.

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Oh, i knew what you were going for, and you did a pretty good job. I was just going along with hrivnaks joke.

Seriously, I like it, but think that if you cleaned up some of the smaller lines and details, this would look a lot more like a real x-line.

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Very nice, CityOfWalrus, looks like a cross between the X-Lines for Texas AM, San Diego State, Louisiana Monroe, and Fuego Mountain.

One suggestion... X-Lines tend to have very consistently, thick outlines. I'd suggest trying that with yours.

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I love that logo. Very new edge, very X-line. Anyone else notice that this has turned more into a "Worship Walrus" thread than any sort of competition? Then again, I haven't really helped that cause here, have I now.

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I'm at a point where I am happy with this. I tried to emulate the X-line style as best as I could. Even threw in a retro option for kicks. Here are your X-line Milwaukee Bux.


This will be my last concept for a bit as I will be taking a sabbatical from the boards. I'll pop in now and then to see how you are all doing. Enjoy!

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