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for the 2003-2004 season:

East Pennsylvania Coal Miners - 6-8 - 4th Place - Missed Playoffs

East Pennsylvania Redmen - 9-12-1 - 4th Place - Missed Playoffs

East Pennsylvania Bears - 13-8 - 4th Place - Lost East Championship

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HEY! leave some for the rest of us eh?

anyways, here's little 'ol me

UL Vancouver Huskies 14-7-1 3rd lost in first round (stupid snowcats)

IHL Vancouver Lakers 16-5-0 1st over-all...out in the first round

total - 30-12-1 .697 winning %

wow, that not bad for two leagues, and with the Oshawa Admirals coming soon, finally! A champion team

Time to gloat, I may have screwed the pooch in the playoffs both times, but I won 15 straight games, i'll take that over 3 titles anyday :D

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Winnipeg Wildfire: 9-5

CFA North Division Champions (edged out tajmccall's Iron Range Invaders in an intense season-ending division race)

lost Wild-Card playoffs (anticlimactic end)

Team MVP: Clinton Portis, DEN

Next year, the Winnipeg Wolves (TNFF) and Winnipeg Thunder (NABA) both expect to assist the Wildfire in indelibly imprinting the SyPhi name in the CCSL Fantasy Sports World record books.

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ULL Topeka Tin Man (South Champs, lost in ULL Championship)

IHL Hartford Whalers (Playoffs, lost in Richard Finals)

IBL Topeka Sizzlers (Playoffs, lost in first round)

AFA Topeka Kings (3rd in West)

CL Oklahoma Ciy Stampede (0-1)

MLF Kansas Comets (2004 Expansion)

TNFF Toronto Tuques (New Team/League)

NCFA Western Kansas University (New Team/League)

Not too bad if you ask me.....I was SO CLOSE to winning the ULL! But Fuse got the best of me.

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2003 CFA Champions 10-4(?)

2002 CFA Playoff Team 8-6

2003 UBL Runner-Up

And who knows where in the IBL I finished . . .

So I'm a combined 18-10 (.555) in my only real league I'm invovled in. I'll be taking my Midwest State team (NCFA) to a perfect season though soon.

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2003 UL of Champions New York Skyliners

2003/04 IHL Champions Alaska Frontier

2003/04 IBL Champions Newark Bombers

2003 CFA Semifinals Toronto Tanks

2002 CFA Toronto Yorks Not so Good.



For the best in sports history go to the Sports E-Cyclopedia at



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Total Record- 37-25 .597 Winning Percentage


Jamestown Knights- 13-9 Lost first round of playoffs*

Wisconsin Warriors -7-7 2nd Place South Division

Ontario Outlaws- 9-7 League Champions*

Jamestown Blizzard- 0-1

Toronto Phantoms 8-2 1st Place East

Other Teams
St. Daniel's Lions (NCFA)
Toronto Toros (IHL)
Jamestown Devils (NABA)
* Includes Playoff Record




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Until PFA and NCFA start, i'll stay that way, too.

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




Going to college gets you closer to the real world, kind of like climbing a tree gets you closer to the moon.

"...a nice illustration of what you get when skill, talent, and precedent are deducted from 'creativity.' " - James Howard Kunstler

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