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Dayton University had astroturf forever. And for some strange reason the Ohio High school athletic association played a lot of football playoff games on it. My high school got to the final four a couple years ago and all the players had to go buy basketball shoes.


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No poster here is related to me.

Astroturf is the preferred surface for field hockey.

Yeah there's a lot of field hockey fields with astroturf. I had club lacrosse tryouts on the astroturf here (the field hockey and occasionally the women's lacrosse teams play there) and couldn't stand it, especially after playing my senior year of high school on Fieldturf.

In the world of NCAA Men's Lacrosse I think Princeton's Class of 52 Stadium's the only one still with Astroturf.


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From the look of it, I think the NLL uses Astroturf. I makes sense for NLL and Arena football to use it.

The FieldTurf installed at Olympic Stadium and Roger Centre was weird to step on, like walking around on an overturned push broom.

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But, it still has rubber pellets and sand and is a lot more giving than the old stuff.

Why do the FieldTurf surfaces have these pellets? And over time, do the grounds crew have to pour new pellets onto the fields?

May God bless you all and fill your hearts with faith, hope, and love!

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