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Retro Mlb Logos


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In the grand tradition of providing the loved members of this board the finest in vectorized art, Joel and I have slaved over a hot... monitor(?).... anyway, here is the gif.

If you want, and are an established, trusted user of this board, PM me with your formal request, and I'll hook you up. If I don't know ya, I'm sorry... but I have to be safe and keep these close to the vest.

As always, submit your PM to me in the acceptable format;

Board name:

Real name:


Favorite ice cream flavor:

Why I want the logo:

Which team(s):

Format (gif or ai):

Version of program:

PM only, friends. Hopefully, you understand the sensitivity of sharing vector art.


Comments always appreciated. Don't be shy, hit reply!


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some hard work was involved in doing these.....please, don't just lurk....respond.

personally, i love how the dodgers, padres, astros, and ( :shocked: gasp) yankees turned out. i'm sure tank will like the mets logo!

i hope you guys enjoy these as much as we did doing them.

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Simply put... beautiful. That era of design never gets old with me. Kudos to the vectorizing team.

Gotta love Mr. Met!

props from rozilla.... that makes my day...thanks guys.

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Nice job guys I love the Dodgers and Mets...Think you could possible do the one for the indians...maybe where Cheif Wahoo is in a uni getting ready to swing?

Awesome Work!  :notworthy:

do you have an image to work from......it would be extremely painful for me to do an indians logo, being a tigers fan....but i think i could try. :D

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Excellent job guys! These logos are absolute classics! These are actually some of the finest vectorized art I've seen on this board. I can see that you spent a lot of time and put some quality work into these (something that is sometimes lacking in the world). Once again, awesome job. I'm a huge fan or retro art!

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