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Auburn Rivalry Jersey

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I've had this finished for several weeks but I didn't think to upload it until now. Anyway, this is a continuation of my college football "Rivalry Jersey" series, this time for Auburn. This jersey would be worn against Alabama, Georgia, and LSU. For the helmet, I used the tiger stripes from one of their alternate logos to create a Bengals-esque helmet. On the jersey, I used the tiger eyes from another alternate logo to create the effect of staring their rivals down. I'm not sure about this part especially looking back, I might remove the eyes in a later revision. I just didn't want to put the eyes on the helmet since I already did that with Florida.



POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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let me just say i have loved seeing your rivalry uniforms. but as stated by mcrosby, the tigers eyes say to me LSU, being that its one of their main logos. the pants are pretty cool but the helmet looks sideways

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Being an LSU fan and SEC guy, it doesn't say "LSU" to me at all. Mainly because LSU uses a single eye logo while Auburn has the 2 eye logo.



The main thing I thought when looking at this concept was that the jerseys look like the MLB games back from the 90s (Turn-Forward-the-Clock?). While some of the Pro-Combat/Rivalry unis were unique and "out there", I think that these may be pushing then envelope a little too much. That being said, I like the helmets and the side-panels of the pants.


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I go to Auburn, and I've been wanting them to wear some orange uniforms for a game. But I'm working on a concept uniform of my own, it has claw marks on the top of the shoulderpads and down the side of the legs. Good work on yours tho, I love the helmet.


Auburn University Alum

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