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It's been a while since I've worked on a hockey concept. With that said, I chose the Red Wings because of their "untouchable" status that comes with their membership of the Original Six.

The home jersey is based off of the current away jersey with the different colored sleeves. I feel that their current set is too bland with just the single striping.


The away jersey stays true to form from what they currently wear.


The alternate jersey is based off the first Detroit Cougars uniform and Winter Classic jersey.


A theme with all three jerseys are single bold stripes, keeping that from their enitre jersey history, with a few exceptions. Another change that might not be picked up on is the logos. With the home jersey, the red and white are switched so that there is a white outline for contrast on the red jersey. This is done so that there wouldn't be an unneeded extra outline.


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oh come on man. the concept is awesome but i just finished a red wings third concept that is 100% just like your third. complete with the wheel on the shoulders/white cuffs and everything. however i can't accuse you of ripping me off cause i haven't posted it yet lol. that being said, i love your third jersey lol.

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Phoenix Coyotes

- Went with the full body coyote, felt it fit better than just the floating head.

- Deep navy replaces black in the color scheme.

- Tan replaces white, including the away jersey base color.

- Home and away based off of current jerseys.

- Alternate is based off the Winnipeg Jets jersey and logo.





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Wow. That is one of the more solid Wild concepts I've ever seen.

Minor suggestions:

-On the home and aways, I'd try to make the names bigger and/or thicker. Not too much, but it is a little hard to read.

-The alternate is nice, but I'm not sure that logo is stronge enough to be a crest.




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Love the team jersey looks.. I would think the Detroit home jersey made in here should be a good replacement for the present Red Wings home jersey... I have hated how the Red Wings home jersey look, as it is so bland...

As for the Coyotes jerseys.. wow great ones!! and the alternate jersey?? Ohhh nice....

The Wild jersey looks are cool... I think the home jersey with that script crest look is interesting somehow.. hmmm

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Red Wings....

You've done the impossible (at least what some would claim is impossible) and improved a classic look in every category while still respecting the traditions of the team. Well done.


You've fixed the problems of striping inconsistency between the home and road sweaters, but the logo situation's still a mess. I would go with the primary bear head on both home and road, lost the weak W, and use the classic-styled Minnesota script on the alternate.


You went back to the Disney design. Sorry, can't support ya there. Beautifully executed, however.

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Anaheim Ducks

-Returned to Disney era colors of Green and Purple

-Similar striping pattern to that era's jerseys

-Away jersey takes colored sleeves from home jersey




Holy cow. Win. That's the best Ducks concept I've seen in a while, I think this is exactly what they should wear. Awesome job!!

I also love your Coyotes third, that's extremely creative work you've done there. Keep it up!


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