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Syracuse Crunch Third Jersey


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Just took a quick peek at the "under construction" Crunch website, and they've got a photo of their new alternate jersey on there. I've looked, but this was the only one I could find of it:


It's hard to tell, but by the looks of it they've gone for either the Flyers' template or just an orange jersey with plain white horizontal stripes.

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Looks like something straight out of Slap Shot and the Syracuse Bulldogs.



The Crunch making throwback Bulldogs jerseys for a game against Hamilton would be the best kind of anything, ever.

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I never quite took the time to think about how bad their nickname is. "Crunch". Really?

The name was thought up during the 1990's when these kinds of names were given to new teams or teams undergoing rebranding.

I'm sure somebody's thought of a better name, or is at least capable of doing so. I am not such a person, however, cus nothing that's not already in use seems to work with Syracuse very well in my mind.

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