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Wisconsin and Nebraska

Lights Out

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Wisconsin gets a more modern look with a return to their real colors, a NOB and number font that actually matches their logo, a front wordmark, and shadow pinstripes on the yoke that echo Bucky Badger's famous jersey. Nebraska gets more of a classic look, with a NOB and number font that matches their logo, the double-outline N on the helmet, and colored cuffs and collars. Comments?


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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Wisconsin-I like everything except for the black. I'm not saying it isn't aesthetically pleasing, I just want no more black on UW's unis.

-also I was just about to upload my update for my Wisconsin-Nebraska thread...it also includes sublimated stripes for bucky. I'll consider changing that now that you've posted.

Nebraska-I'm not too sure about that number font and the red looks bright-I had the same problem.

-I love the socks.

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The problem with the Wisconsin black is that its present on the pants, but no where significantly. Maybe using a thin black line would help better and then mirroring the thin black line somewhere in the shirts.

As for Nebraska... no thanks on the numbers. They just don't look like Cornhuskers. The outline around the numbers and N is a big downgrade.

Besides those 2 things, I think you are moving in the right direction.



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No matter what Nebraska wears, I hope the Big10 unleashes hell on the 'huskers.

Nebraska lost their bowl game, just the beginning of what is to come as they join the Big10.

Nice concepts on both unis!

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I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of differentiation, but neither of these ideas works very well.

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*sigh* I don't understand this idea that either Wisconsin or Nebraska has to change. Looking at this concept and another one that's been posted, they are clearly not better than what either team wears currently. I think people are over-thinking the idea that both teams are going to be in the same conference. It's not as if both teams are going to wear red or white jerseys. There's a rule that clearly designates what each team will wear at home and on the road. The fact of the matter is most people are completely missing the one key element that would distinguish the two teams from each other. If it has to be explained to you what it is, then you aren't looking at all the elements.



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