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Back at it again! This was for a thread in the request section and I whipped this up in MS Paint in like an half an hour. Let me know what you think of it! Comments and critiques are much much appreciated. Please mind the quality as it is in Paint once again. Thanks for your time!


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It's really damned solid, but it looks more like an eagle than a hawk.

Very true! It was hard to find colors that really worked well with what I pumped out. So I just went with this. Maybe Skyhawks are just fancier names for Eagles :D

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It looks like the side of his beak is a little too bulbousy... he's not chewing gum, is he?

Other than that, it is an uber-solid design.

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only thing i'd change is a pupil...

right now, it looks a little glassy-eyed, and out of it... if you gave it some peircing eyes, it'd look damn near perfect.

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you did that in PAINT? holy S#%*...that is simply awesome... :shocked:

personally, I think it looks more like a seagll. if you wanted to make it more distinct/different from an eagle, don't hook the beak so much at the tip. making it straighter will change the perception of which birds it is

:shocked: very nice

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It's very good Steve-O, but it reminds me a lot of Philadelphia's football team.


Their's is obviously more horizontally oriented, however the mouth position and the three lines coming up the neck are what caught my eye. I'm by no means saying you copied, however perhaps if you changed that around a bit, it would help.

Once JQK mentioned that gum-chewing element, I saw it right away. Also, the neck is a little wide. The Caps' concept is awesome (great jersey design... I like thge stars on the sleeves, and how it works into the rest of the trim), but again, especially in terms of pro sports, it might be too close to Philadelphia's eagle to create the unique brand that Washington might want to put out there.

I'd leave the eye white (or at least solid-coloured)... the more mystery, the better.

All in all, fantastic work. Although it'd look better in Illustrator, it's cool to see some hot designs coming out of Paint as well.

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The lines could be rendered a little more. Choppiness can be good but too much is just too much.


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The choppiness isn't intentional, i am SURE, it was done in paint for crissakes..

Very nice. Steve-o is living proof that paint alone is no excuse!

I love the eye pupil-less, makes him look meaner.

Maybe try instead of white, to use a medium brown, then a dark brown for accents? Might look more hawkish.

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