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Just in case you aren't all tired of personal logo threads, I'm seeking some feedback. I've come up with the following basic logos, utilizing the initials of my name. I've intentionally tried to simplify them, leaving out color and other effects, in order to keep emphasis on a solid design comcept.

I've included a poll, which allows you to select multiple designs that you like. Depending on the distribution of the voting, I will choose the top one(s) and implement any suggestions I like. After I've finished, my hope is that I come out with a solid mark.


Edit: One other last second (quick) idea came to me, and I'm including it on the poll as "I (Square)":


This board has been a great resource for vetting concepts in the past. Thank you, in advance, for all your help on this effort. Bring on the C&C!

Edit: I'm down to two options. I'd like you to vote on the designs as a base concept, as these renderings and treatments may vary.

Option 1: Cylinder


Option 2: Interlocking "CH"


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I would like B the best if you had squared the C (not rounded, because then it would be too phallic). That way you would only have a forward pointing arrow (The H) without the negative connotation of an arrow pointing backward.

Also, I would probably put a tiny bit of space between the squared C and the arrow "H".

Something like this:


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I like "A" for its simplicity.

i also thhink that you can add a little bit of a "pixelized" effect maybe with different colours in the pixels to convey a message of a "Digital Designer", unless you find that too cliché...

I say stay away from F, unless you're an architect, specializing in High Rise construction...

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I would have intertwined the c and h like they do on the Old Hat logo.


I was hoping to hear from you, Fraser. I fooled around with interlocking letters, but tried it with a less decorative style, and it always comes off amateurish. I'm trying some tone and stroke variations that should give it a more dynamic feel. I'll post them if I come up with anything worthy of a look.

I love the Old Hat logo, and had also received some inspiration from a few others. I keep falling into the trap of making it look too similar, when I use them as reference. I'm going to try to use and modify some of the elements from each of them, and hopefully I come up with something unique.



It may be a few days, but I'll post something as soon as I have it in a good draft state. If you have any other pointers or critiques, I welcome the feedback.

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I'm toying around with a few things...

The 3D one is a rendering, but I can also turn it to a monochrome (similar to the one in my original post, but in these proportions.

Ignore the effects on the interlocking. I was just playing with rendering. I'm mainly concerned with the concept.


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Thanks, all. I'm going to play with the interlocking design a bit more to clean it up and make it presentable with a variety of treatments. I did it in the present style for a reason...it wasn't near a finished product. It may be a little while until I have it near fiished, because I've got a few projects going on. I'll post it, once I get things further along.

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