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Packers logo concept


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Not sure if this is any better, I tried make the G more noticeable. I also switched to more traditional colors.


Aside from the colors, I like the first one better. I see the "G" ok in that. The second one loses the "B".

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



POTD (Shared)

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any of these two work better?


I think the 'A' one looks a little better, I kinda like what you have going here and being a Packers fan, trying to change the logo is almost like sacrilege :P, but these are pretty nice concepts,

p.s. i cant help but think that if you turned them 90 degrees, they would make great real-estate logos cause they kinda look like houses haha

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I kinda like the concept here, but have you tried making it rounded like their current logo? That might have some interesting results.

Doesn't it look similar to your logo? lol.

Hahah yes it does so I suppose that's why I like it! B)


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