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Who doesn't like incentive? In an attempt to promote better concepts, I came up with an idea. Think, boy scout merrit badges. It's basically the same idea, but for concepts.

Say someone comes up with a sweet Washington Capital concept. 3 members with 500 posts/6 months say that you deserve the Capitals badge. Bam, someone comes to this thread,and posts this in the thread.


You put it in your personal information on your profile. Easy as that.

I'll set up a data base on this thread if it goes well. I'll make ones for all sorts of things like, Excellence in pro combat, numerical badges(10 badges), and gold ones for getting an entire league done.

Each league will have their own design. Here are the 4 major sports, but eventually it will grow to numerous soccer leagues, college ones, and just a league as a whole(I'm not making individual ones for Australian football or something.)


Any suggestions on tweaking?

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i like the idea, you can have a nomination thread. if you feel someone deserves a badge, post in the nomination thread and a link to the concept, total of 3 nominations for the same concept gets the badge. but have the 3 nomination come from 3 different levels, so everyone is involved. Level 1: below 500 post with less than 6 months membership time. Level 2: 500-1500/6-12 months, Level 3: 1500+/1+ years. This way 3 newbies can not nominate one person, but they are still involved in the process.

I also think adding text to the badge would clearify what the badge is for, like, if someone put up just one uniform concept, u have have "UNI Concept" but if another posted a full Home, Away, Alternate Concept, you could put "Full Set" on the Badge. if they get the same badge twicw, you could either post the badge twice ot just put a #2 on the Badge. I'm willing to help make the badges if this gets off the ground.

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I really like the idea raysox. I think it's brilliant and I hope others think the same. I'd love to see this idea take off. It's been so hard lately to get comments for your well executed concepts when the board is being flooded with a bunch of kids posting crap that they've been working on for 5 minutes. And then seeing that thread get 100 comments really irks me.

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I like the idea of having a thread for the nominations. On that note, would you be able to suggest yourself for nominations?

As for getting the same badge twice, I can't say I see that happening very often, but when it does there could be two stars on the badge whereas the first time you do it there would only be one.

And as for how many nominations you need, maybe you're right RaySox, 5 is a lot. I like GatorHunter's idea, but how about 5 and at least one of those 5 has to be a 1+ member, 1 can be 0.5-1 year member (or 1+ year member), and three can be noobs (or "higher").

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Bmac and I were working on ideas, and I thought that something with the league logo and serial number would be neat.


MLB will be released today in another thread. What we could do is have a group of 5 judges and if the majority thinks you deserve it, then you get the badge.

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