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Cardinal Head Logo Help


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I'm trying to create a logo for some concepts I'm doing and had this idea, but I need either some ideas on how to improve it or someone to help me refine it.

What I have is very very rough. I did it in about 10 minutes, but before I did alot to it I wanted some advice because I'm not really good at logos. WHat I'm trying to go for is a front view of the logo below, but I'm having a hard time shaping the head and changing the perspective.


A couple things I need suggestions for:

how to shape the shadows on the face

Should I have an outline around all the different shapes

how to incorporate the top feathers

how to make it look meaner

Or if anyone else wants to take a stab at it THAT WOULD BE AMAZING


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Big improvement on the first version. This one is much closer to the dimensions of the profile version. Couple of things I would look at doing though would be putting a raised hump for want of a better term in the middle of the beak which should come up to about the middle of the eyes. If you check the profile version you'll see the beak at it's highest sits slightly higher than the corner of the eye.

I'd also look at adding the other feathers to outline, right now the head looks very tear drop shaped and adding the other feather points should help make the face look more bird like.

Hope that helps, looking forward to the next update.


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I like the ins one a lot, wonderful improvement. As has been said, the top part of the beak should go a little higher. Also, the bottom could go a little bit lower. Then, I think you just need to get the effect on the top/back of the head that is in the logo. Not one big section of feathers, but bunches or clumps of them. I hope you know what I'm trying to say. The top part of the logo is a bit flat right now, so I think that may go a long way in making that portion look more involved. Keep working.

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A is the best. But I'd suggest that instead of making the head perfectly round on the sides, you contour it to match the dark red shading around the bird's eyes/mouth. This would give you a bit more definition to the head shape, and also eliminate the awkward slivers of light red on either side of his eyes.

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