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Northwestern Wildcats Logo


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I whipped this up today while watching games. The Wildcats current representation of the 'cat in the N is just turrible, so I thought I'd try my hand. I think I'll add white highlights to it, but wanted to see how this would be received first.

C&C is most appreciated, as I will be updating based on feedback.


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So is this supposed to replace the NCat or are you planning on using this on the uniform somewhere? Either way, I think it's a bit too complex, but it's WAY too complex for the uni, IMO.

Maybe focus on redesigning the NCat by using the statue's head rather than the generic cat they use now.

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I'm without my computer at the moment and will get back to this in a few days. I plan on making a logo with just the head, and a version with the head and N. I'll work on the updates you guys suggested, but until then let's hear some more.

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Updates galore!

First up are some updates to the original. I've made some changes to the back leg, updated some shading, added some 'fur' around joints, and fixed the stroke around the sharp angles of the logo. Have at it.


Then we have the stand alone head:


And of course the NCat:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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