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New ebay logo


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I actually really like it, much cleaner. The only thing I'd change would be to use an uppercase B (like the one above).

ya it defiantly looks better with a uppercase B and if the letters either overlapped or didn't not a combination of both



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"John Wayne Gacy was horrific but at least he had character."

It's a better logo than they had to be sure, but it's like being the prettier ugly stepsister. It doesn't mean it's good, but it's just better.

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I like the cleanness of it but do reckon they should have kept the uppercase B, dropped a version on Dribbble to here: http://dribbble.com/shots/728582-eBay-With-uppercase-B


i've seen 3 redesigns and this is the best one.

Stephen not only has addressed the tangent kerning issues here by overlapping the letters, keeping some of the past logo's equity, but also increased the mnemonic value (making it memorable and unique) by capitalizing the B. it also gives the whole thing more of that old ebay bouncy feel.

this from Armin at BrandNew: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/ebay_settles_for_lowest_bid.php he also goes into a rant about the logo mock up presentations and hes spot on.

The new logo follows the Metro design philoso… oh, wait, wrong identity. The new logo is set in Univers extended. And, yeah, that’s about it. Well, okay, if we need to point out the other important design decisions I’ll reiterate what has already been stated in the quotes above: the letters touch and the colors are from the old logo. Cue fake fanfare. This logo is not bad. Let’s establish that. There is nothing wrong with it. The letters haven’t been mangled, the colors don’t induce puking, and the ™ is, amazingly, all lowercase to match the logo. But this logo is not good either. Very far from good actually but unfortunately not so far that it demands the full berating it deserves. Of all the potential logos that could be done for eBay this is the absolute most boring and risk-averse logo that could have been both presented and selected. There is a lot of “could”s here and that’s what I find the most disappointing with this redesign: there was an opportunity to create a logo as memorable — ideally for better reasons — as the old one. Instead we got a typeface out of the box with super tight tracking and kerning. Somebody call the Fun Police, they are all fired because we clearly don’t need them anymore. But… BUT, I need to air another grievance which has little to do with the logo and all to do with the way this logo was disingenuously launched and the responsibility of designers when it comes to showcasing prototypes and concept work.




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In the favicon, are the bars even, or are they stunted- Black Flag style? I can't tell.


koizim said:
And...and ya know what we gotta do? We gotta go kick him in da penis. He'll be injured. Injured bad.

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