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New ebay logo


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ebay unveiled a new logo today. Very clean and simple. The type is set very well. I believe it's a version of Univers, but I'm not sure and haven't read through the entire release to see if they mention it.

Were this to be a new logo, I'd be underwhelmed, but it's lineage to their past is super direct. All they've ever been is a multi-colored wordmark, and now they've just cleaned it up. I think they did a pretty nice job.






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It's not bad. Cleaner than the last one, but more "meh" than "bleh."

That said, I'm sick of this bland, generic-font-wordmark (and sometimes generic shapes) trend so many companies are going to. JC Penny, Gap's rejected logo, Optimum, Comedy Central*, Nickelodeon, MSN*, Microsoft*, Domino's Pizza, and so forth.

*These are ones I like. Comedy Central's works well when used as a parody of the Copyright symbol, though their overall marketing campaign comes across as Adult Swim-ish. A generic computer font works well for computer-based companies like Microsoft/MSN. But does such a font work for a pizza company? I don't think so.

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dont like it. first i want to know why they changed? what does this say about their new direction? it looks as if Google bought them

execution wise, the typeface is more attractive but they un-did the overlaps and created a tangent with each letter. who the hell purposefully creates a word mark that is kerned so theres a tangent at every opportunity? the reason it looks Google-ish is becacuse they stripped it of all the character it had and the only thing left now is the color palette which read instantly as "Google" to me




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Surprised to see the dissent with this one. Hm.

About the only thing I agree with is that I wish they'd have addressed the name (preferably changing it to ebay or if not, making the logo read eBay).

The lack of overlap doesn't bother me. By running the letters into each other, the energy of the old logo remains, but three unnecessary colors are eliminated. Because I still read that energy, I don't agree with the notion that the logo lacks character.

And I don't find the kerning problematic either. Again, I read energy from the ultra tight kerning.

To me this logo says we're a fun but dependable and useable place to shop (and sell). What the old logo said was 3 year olds like to hang out at this cluster:censored:.

The one other thing I'll agree with is that Google does immediately come to mind, but I felt that with Microsoft's new identity as well.

I'll re-emphasize what I said before. If this was a new entity, this logo would fail because it doesn't tell me enough of about the company. But as a modified direction for an existing brand, this is a great change--so long as they carry it out well throughout the rest of the site.

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