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XFL Resurrection


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This project is a compilation of my ideas about what would happen if the XFL hadn't folded after only one season. In this project, the XFL expanded to 16 teams.Here are the teams, I'll release them in this order.

Southeastern Division:

Birmingham Thunderbolts

Memphis Southmen

Norfolk Hurricanes

Orlando Rage

Northeastern Division:

Hartford Whalers

New York-New Jersey Hitmen

Philadelphia Stars

Washington Federals

Southwestern Division:

Las Vegas Outlaws

Los Angeles Xtreme

San Antonio Texans

San Francisco Demons

Northwestern Division:

Chicago Enforcers

Portland Stouts

Salt Lake Saints

Vancouver Lumberjacks

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I have been moving into a new house, so I have been away from the internet for a while. Because of that, I have 3 concepts ready for you. The first team is the Birmingham Thunderbolts. They were one of the original XFL teams. In opinion, they had one of the coolest helmets in football, so I kept that and redesigned their uniform. I went with a traditional look, however, I added some small stripes in the chest in a rather non-traditional way.


Next up are the Memphis Southmen. Some time in the mid 2000's it was discovered that adding the letter X to words does not in fact make it any cooler in real life. That being said, the name of the Memphis franchise was changed from the Maniax to the Southmen, a nod to the World Football League franchise in the 1970s. I'm a big fan of all things retro, so I didn't change the original look too much.


For my next design, XFL expansion team, the Norfolk Hurricanes. I gave them a very modern look somewhat based on the crazy stuff coming out of Oregon. The logo is based on this logo from Puckdrawn. The helmet and numbers use a carbon fiber texture.


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While having crazily misspelled names and inserting "x" into everything is sooo very awesome, I like your team names. The Memphis uniforms look very good and so do the Thunderbolts'. Play with the gradient for Norfolk because as others have noted, it seems a little off. I would also support giving the Hurricanes a mixture of chrome and matte on the helmet that somehow looks like a hurricane. Right now, the helmet is too bland.

Good start though and I am looking forward to this league.

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Birmingham and Memphis are pretty solid, while I agree you could probably go all out with these teams and their identities. But, I'm not feeling the Norfolk Hurricanes. I like the color scheme, however the gray numbers and no logo helmet is kinda meh.

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Thanks to everybody for all of the excellent input. I will be reworking the Norfolk helmet. I really liked the idea of doing a chrome vs. matte in a hurricane design. I'll update that one next, but for now, here's the next addition.

Rounding out the southeastern division is the Orlando Rage. Since I'm doing all of these with Under Armour, I decided to follow some of the lines to make the Rage look a little more modern. Also, I used an angular font for the numbers that is still cool and different, but more legible than the original numbers.


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Agreed. Since its kind of hard to show the chrome effect on a computer screen, I propose at least filling in the hurricane with a silvery color or if you want to drop the chrome, use neon green. Orlando is ok, and I know we told you to go crazy, but I really hate that stipe across the bottom of the pants.

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I am really loving all of the input! I'll be reworking a lot of these things as I go, but for now, here's the first of the Northeast Division. The Hartford Whalers are an XFL expansion team that resurrects one of the best brands in sports. The design is a very traditional one, based on the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles. The helmet uses the tail instead of wings. What do you think?


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