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American Football League, Milwaukee 1965



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A tree theme could work well in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I'd reckon:

Milwaukee Willows

Milwaukee Tamaracks

Milwaukee Sycamores

The main issue may be the inevitability of using a shade of green like their Northern neighbors, the Green Bay Packers.

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What about something referencing hometown hero Billy Mitchell?

Milwaukee Generals

Milwaukee Bombers

Milwaukee Flyers

Of course, my favorite old-timey name for a Milwaukee team is borrowed from Blitz: The League, the Milwaukee Bottlers. Not that I'm suggesting this would go over well in the AFL of the 60's, but it's a cool retro-sounding name nonetheless.

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I'm gonna let this go until midnight, central time, at which time I will start the poll. I already have four of the names chosen... I won't say what they are now, but here's a few hints:

-One name is a reference to Milwaukee's cultural history.

-One name is a reference to Milwaukee's brewing history.

-One name is a reference to a Harley-Davidson product.

-One name is a reference to a common avian (bird) species found in Milwaukee.

In other words... one slot is still left, and it's gonna be tough to decide what gets in, so keep 'em comin'!

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Finalists Announced for AFL 'Name The Team' Contest.

MILWAUKEE - The finalists for the Wisconsin News' "Name The Team" contest to determine the name of the American Football League franchise set to begin play at Milwaukee County Stadium in 1966 have been announced, and are as follows:

Barons - A title which traditionally symbolized German nobility, Barons would represent Milwaukee's ethnic heritage as well as the teams' aspirations of rising to prominence in the American Football League.

Brewers - A long-time nickname of Milwaukee-based baseball clubs, it was last used by the city's American Association entry before the Braves arrives in 1953. Home to four of the largest beer makers in the world, Brewers represents Milwaukee's long and proud beer brewing history.

Crusiers - The crusier is what helped Harley-Davidson, one of the most famous brands to ever come out of Milwaukee, rise to prominence. Cruisers also represent the manufacturing and widespread enthusiasm for both cars and motorcycles in the city. Much in the way cruisers often dominate the highways, the Barons aspire to dominate the road to the AFL Championship.

Gulls - Prominent along the Lake Michigan shoreline, gulls are team-oriented marine birds which fly in flocks... often in formations not unlike what football teams use... and intimidate their prey by making a lot of noise. Prior to becoming the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee in 1956, the Milwaukee State football team used the gull as its mascot.

Jesters - The spiritual ancestor of the clown is an appropriate mascot for the city that proudly hosts the Great Circus Parade. League officials also liked how the name ties into the "Foolish Club" nickname given to them by their competition in the National Football League.

Votes for the name of the new franchise will be tabulated for the next seven days.

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The final poll is up at the beginning of the thread. I tried to choose names that specifically represented Milwaukee over names that could conceivable fit anywhere in Wisconsin for reasons that were alluded to earlier in the thread (which is why I chose Gulls over Robins, despite the latter getting more suggestions).

Please vote and feel free to explain your choice here (or b*tch about how I suck at picking team names. :P)

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Voted Barons, but I'd like to point out that the Brewers actually existed in the American League for one season in 1901 (they became the St. Louis Browns in 1902 and then the Baltimore Orioles).

Gulls doesn't sound bad for a baseball team, for what its worth.

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Since I probably won't be able to get to this until the weekend, I'm letting this run until Friday night at 11:59PM Central time... although with the leader having a 20+ vote lead on the next most popular option, I'm not sure it'll make any difference.

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