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Portland Trail Blazers new logo


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Your mark starts to look like an "S" which reminds me of the Sonics wordmark. The line treatments are interesting but the clip-art basketball just looks placed in the center without any thought to it. If the basketball could be re-worked to work with the mark better plus some tweaks to the spacing of the extending lines I think you may have a good logo.

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this is a better designed the original I think. However I still hate the overall concept. I just don't think a hurricane symbol makes sense for the Trail Blazers. I've said that the blazers need a complete overhaul of their look for a long time. but nonetheless good work Sidney

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I was about to post the same thing as both MEANS and GoNordiques. I'll also point out that the logo with the black background has a lot of wasted space.

Kudos for exploring other options for the Blazers logo, but I think it misses the mark. Don't give up on this though, I would like to see how it progresses.

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1. Portland Trail Blazers

What a wonderful name for a team, even if it wasn't close to the most popular choice in the "name the team" contest Portland held upon the birth of the franchise as part of the NBA's 1970 expansion. Fans overwhelmingly voted for "Pioneers," which evokes the settlement of the region, the Oregon Trail, and the brave struggles of those who staked early claim to the land.

But a local college, Lewis & Clark, was already using "Pioneers," and the new Portland franchise was aiming for something both original and without potential intellectual property baggage. They settled upon "Trail Blazers," a suggestion nearly 200 fans sent in during the contest, and, holy cow, did they make the right call. The name serves as a historical callback in the fashion of "Pioneers," but it's unique within the major sports landscape, it's fun to say, it carries an easy shorthand in "Blazers," and it recalls basketball and sports more readily than "Pioneers."

"Blazers" implies speed, perfect for a fast sport, and the full name pegs the franchise as one seeking both stylistic originality on the court and a trailblazing impact (along with the Seattle SuperSonics, founded three years earlier) in spreading NBA hoops to a new region. The 1977 title team famously played with a progressive unselfishness, using big man Bill Walton as its passing fulcrum, and the use of a "Knickerbocker"-style collective term works especially well for this franchise. The Blazers were long the only major pro sport in town, and there is a unique closeness here among fans, players, and team.

The Trail Blazers name also inspired the team's pinwheel logo, one of the rare abstract logos in all of sports. The red and white stripes (five of each) blazing in opposite directions, but coming together at the center, are meant to represent the blur of two opposing basketball teams working against each other while moving back and forth across center court. That's beautiful.

The full name is a bit of a mouthful, and the team's choice of mascot — Blaze the Trail Cat — is a clunky fit. But everything else is poetic. Portland wins.

I'm still not a fan of the varying sizes/widths of the 'trails'. Also, the basketball seem out of place/just stuck on, and not really a "part" of the logo - maybe it is the white lines on the ball. Sorry, but to me the Trailblazers logo is one that does not need to be re-done or updated.

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I've learned, (with altering the old Nordiques logo), that it's sometimes easier to design an entirely new logo than tweak a classic.

So why not go down THAT road?

The old logo always (to me) looked like the letter "S". Why?

...And I like what you're doing here with the graduated lines.

Remove the grey lines altogether so you're only representing the 1 team (Blazers).

Put the grey (silver) into the panels of the ball and remove the white outline.

Now, horizontally flip the image and bingo-bongo, you've got a dynamic new "P" logo, that...

"Respectfully pays tribute to the old Blazers classic blah-blah-blah".

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When you skewed the swooshy things (is that what they're called?) the result was a logo that looks like an "S."

Seattle Trailblazers!


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