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Letter-modified Pro logos


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The Canadiens in black just don't look right.

Yeh, reminded me of that black Lakers uniform...after I got a good look, it struck me as basically that: a black version of the white jersey, with a few tweaks.

That Southpoint one, it's more of an Oshawa Generals ripoff, only thing in common with the Caps is the name and colors.

It is a Generals ripoff



Strathcona Bruins, who at some point ripped off GFB's Bruins logo




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The a logo is well done. The msa one not so much. The W one is horrid.

Yeah, I actually like that A more than I do the Flyers' logo.

Agreed, that A looks good. It also kind of (mainly in the negative space inside the "A") reminds me of how some people write their cursive capital Fs "backwards":


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First College one that came to mind.....UW-Platville using the same font/color combo/helmet design as the much larger U of Florida


UW-Platteville was my alma mater, but while I was there they used a blue P in the same style as Purdue's. They switched to the faux-Florida-Gators look shown above a few years later, but have since undergone a major redesign (shown on this page).

Elsewhere in Wisconsin, New Berlin West HS's baseball team uses a modified version of the Brewers' ball-in-glove logo (with an "n" above the "b" instead of an "m"). I used to see it as a rear window sticker all the time when I lived down that way; alas, my attempt to Google the logo came up empty.

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