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Iron Crossover - judgement poll xvi


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(oops, this is judgement poll XVI not XIV :wacko: )

in order of first to third, please post the top three concepts. three points for a first place vote, two for a second, one for a third. you may not vote for yourself

you may have to copy/paste or click/drag some of these links

EZ Street










Roger Clemente






GMac - under protest :P


if you entered and dont see your concept here, its probably because it didnt meet the requirements to go to voting. Sorry I felt I gave enough notice and reminders. Theres always next battle :D

This is a very deep field here. Any one of these could win. Good luck to all who entered

oh yeah, this poll will close on wednesday June 30 at 9pm PDT. when the winner is announced I request that the winner prepare themselves for a surprise :hockeysmiley:

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1. FlamesFan89- where can i buy that third jersey it is one of the coolest jerseys i have ever seen

2. puckguy14- The TB with the ray is really a cool logo for the crest

3. RyanB06- I like the ray on the home jersey. I also like the fact that they are relativle simple

Good job to all

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Vic, I don't mean this to be offensive to you in any way, but I think you may have hurt yourself by directly copying the Devils jersey template. I'm not saying the jersey doesn't look excellent, but it's not the most creative entry. I think uniqueness (word?) is something that a lot of people might be looking for.

By the way, thanks for the love Eddie!




The world's foremost practitioners of professional tag-team wrestling.



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Vote the First: Puckguy

Vote the Second: PittUnited

Vote the Third: EZStreet

And then there's the slow realization that I stand no chance of winning this thing.

Shouldn't have copied the Predators uniform...

Super Wario Comix!

Iron Crossover IX Contender (Tied for 6th)

Iron Crossover Halloween Contender (Tied for Bronze)


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