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Toronto is almost perfect. I think if you had the double stripe again on the hem it would be perfect across the board.

Utah is pretty awesome. I think in the NHL the design on the ice would look a little too junior, but it is a nice design.

Vancouver, basically everything is fine here.

I think the Capitals are the only set I'm not really a fan of. I really like the logo, but the chest stripe on the home, and the way the yoke is formed really bugs me on it. The piping leading to the standard yoke seems like an odd transition.

Winnipeg - A Nothing really bothers me. I'm just not that big a fan of the color scheme.

All in all, great job. Not going to please everyone, so that's why this is still fine if kept the same. Nice job.

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I just read through this entire thread, sorry I am a little late, but I really liked everything about it.

The only thing that annoyed me a bit was how some of the alts were the same color as the home sweaters

Other than that fantastic job :)

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Simply a fantastic thread. It's one of my favourite projects I've seen so far!

Love the Utah concept. It's PURPLE! Gotta have some flashy colours here and there. As for Winnipeg (Woo! Hometown!), I can absolutely get behind that idea. "Falcons" sounds just as nice as "Jets".


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Bravo and well done through out- Think i would still have the Winnipeg Jets, relocate Atlanta back to Hartford and have the Whalers return, I still also like the idea of Seattle being the Thunderbirds and Hamilton being the Bulldogs, but love the uniforms for each of the teams none the less. Really like the new Vancouver ones.

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I really love Winnipeg's secondary logo. It is probably my favorite of the entire series (although the Islanders is great too). I would make it the primary because their primary logo is very similar to the Thrashers logo. They both feature a triangle with a bird head in profile facing right.

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LOVE this project!!!

Anaheim - This is a great logo. Disagree that the balance of the logo is wrecked by the D. Might suggest putting a bevel around the green circle in the middle, with the webbed D overlapping slightly - that would "push" the D to the front of the logo and emphasize it a little more.

Arizona - Looks good, I would suggest rounding out some of the angles a bit. The angles really remind me of the 1st Coyotes logo, which is not a positive memory in my book.

Atlanta - Eh. Never was a fan of combining blue with those brownish colors or the Thrashers head/beak. That aside, a dark brown or black edge around the whole thing would make it look a little more "solid".

Boston - Like the additions, definitely a nice modernization of a classic.

Brooklyn - It's an interesting idea, skewering the B with the anchor, but perhaps more suited for a baseball team than a hockey team. Not nearly as legible as it maybe should be for a fast-moving hockey sweater. I love the shape of the B, it's a nice way of modernizing the Brooklyn Dodgers classic.

About brooklyn, i agree

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