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Chiefs Logo Update


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Hey All-

I haven't had much experience with logo design so I was hoping for some feedback on what I can do better. I like the Chief's concept but i feel like the 70's logo is very dated. What do you think?




UPDATE: New version after seeing your comments coming soon!! Thank you!!!


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Clean. Sharp. Modern.

I like it. A lot.

Agreed. I like the chiefs current logo, but if they change they should change to this. The arrowhead is sleek, and the kc sporty. Just press the arrowhead down to make it less tall, and, I like it, but the the wordmark they have is great. Nice work.

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Too clean. An arrowhead should show chips and imperfections, they were made by chipping away and shaping a stone.

Now it looks like it was laser cut out of metal and polished to a chrome finish with that gray bevel.

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I agree with said above. This would be a perfect look for teams trying to pull off the Chiefs name without wanting to use the same imigery as KC, without completely copying them. Perfect for High-Schools, Youth Clubs, etc. However, for a replacement of the Chiefs? Nah, just too generic, not enough character.

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