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Ez Street's State Hockey Challenge FINAL FOUR!

Ez Street

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Updated Brackets....

http://pictureposter.allbrand.nu/pictures/...19/32states.JPG Entire Field

http://pictureposter.allbrand.nu/pictures/...19/northSHC.jpg North Bracket

http://pictureposter.allbrand.nu/pictures/...19/southSHC.jpg South Bracket

http://pictureposter.allbrand.nu/pictures/.../centralSHC.jpg Central Bracket

http://pictureposter.allbrand.nu/pictures/...t19/westSHC.jpg West Bracket


(8) Florida @ (7) New York


(4) Colorado @ (3) Michigan

Who will move on................


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hey, it's not my fault they haven't had good Pro Hockey in 20 years. I would have loved for them to be in. I feel they would be in the final four. But having a low winning percentage and no championships, kinda leaves you out in the cold. It's bad when NEW MEXICO is better winning percentage wise. Hey this thing isn't scientific. I made it of course. :D

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doing a canadian version would be cool. It might be something that could be started soon.

As you may recall I already posted:



Quebec (no contest here, my Quebec concept kicks...)



Newfoundland (without Labrador :down: )

BC (is 90% done...)

I'm still open to your suggestions, or you can improve my concepts, don't mind at all...

The only challenge is that it makes a pretty small bracket, we'd have to keep it to the ELITE 8.

Let me know.

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