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  1. Super Bowl Shuffle

    I don't think so. There's a lot outside of the Cowboys' colors which can be used for a Super Bowl logo. Do the homework: a good majority of the logos focused on the region over the team. There's a million directions the logo can take just using "Texas" or "Western" as a theme. 
  2. Concept for New NFL Team in LA

    Gonna take a wild guess and say it's not his based on the quality of work on the remainder of the project and how "Bar & Grille" are just tacked onto the side of the wordmark. Bingo - if you google "Aftershock logo", it's the 8th logo on the list:
  3. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    Honestly, if WWE/NXT are the brands, I'd be all for it. NXT would be a legitimate #2 company if it were on its own (even though it's not "mainstream's" cup of tea) just by the way it's grown organically. This could make up for the WWF/WCW debacle of the early 2000's if done right.
  4. CCSLC Loveline

    Honestly, be proactive; Make it about you. Ask her something along the lines of "you know, I'm feeling some distance between us after such a great weekend. Is it just me?". This lets her know you sense a potential issue, doesn't potentially place fault on her and hopefully avoids the "you ok/I'm fine" conversation.
  5. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

  6. South Park Season 16

    40 carrots and a dream my friend.
  7. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    I was at the game last night. Quite a few of the die hard Reign fans were upset the old mascots (Blaze the dragon and the Dark Knight) were gone. To me, the whole atmosphere is...different. I get that the "small-town" hockey club is gone, but half the fans who showed up were crapping on stuff the old club used to do (like saying 'thank you' to the announcer when he says "one minute left in the period"). Lots of technical problems between the wooden in-game host and on the video board (hit of the night was a Condor making a goal; kiss cam graphics come up during play). I'm sure they're getting their rhythm, but the whole thing is just...different.
  8. CCSLC: The HBO Series

    A random hot chick each week.
  9. CCSLC: The HBO Series

    For your EmmyTM Consideration:
  10. Wherein We Discuss Theme Parks

    It was great for what it was back when it first opened, but it's aged horribly. Between the neglect to that part of the park and most of the original attractions there fading into obscurity, it was just a matter of time before ToonTown hit the chopping block.Not too thrilled about Star Wars-land taking that spot as they could easily incorporate it into Tomorrowland or take over DCA's Hollywood backlot area, but I'm sure it will be really well done regardless and a significant upgrade over ToonTown.
  11. The CBA is looking for new owners!

    Hey. Hey you. Yeah, you over there. You looking for fantasy basketball? CBA's got you covered. Go apply. Chicks and America.
  12. BASS - Ask us anything show

    Ginger or Mary Ann?
  13. SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

    I'm glad someone caught the reference.
  14. SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

    Easy there thought police. You push your agenda, and I'll call it as I see it.
  15. SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

    Here's a crazy thought: Don't be :censored:s to each other each other (Adam 1:12). Problem solved.