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  1. Haven't seen that much dodging since Neo in the Matrix. While you're ducking/diverting from my question, how 'bout you go back and answer my first question before I respond to your inquiries?
  2. Per page 20 of the FBI report: Per "Triggers" Slide 2: I'm curious: what portion of these highlighted segments relate to "international terrorism" and how does this relate to the Presidency (Obama's or otherwise)?
  3. At least he won't be alone:
  4. Good lord. Don't let Andy hear you say that. We don't need another "imgur is the greatest" rant.
  5. #ThrowbackThursday was yesterday my friend. Let's get this gentleman a proper POTD belt:
  6. Pretty sure this one is "Blessed Day".
  7. That's only because you won the 3-way "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" match under international tie-breaker rules. Savor the flavor. That won't happen again.
  8. Peyton Royce, Bille Kay and Ember Moon (currently on the house show circuit) were pretty good if memory serves as they were all in SHIMMER. Those three have potential to rise to the top of the women's division off hand. For the guys? Ciampa/Gargano come to mind as does Andrade Almas. Oney Lorcan was good in PWG as Biff Busick; Rich Swann, Gran Metalik and Kota Ibushi will probably do time here before heading to Raw's cruiserweight division. Plus you have whatever TNA castoffs for "star" appeal. NXT will be ok as long as there are quality indy talents to raid.
  9. Wow. Am I reading that roster correctly? Bailey didn't get drafted? I'm legitimately shocked at that one. Especially over Alexia Bliss.
  10. Anyone watching the CWC? Really impressed by Davari's little brother so far. I'm hoping he ends up on NXT after this tournament is all said and done.
  11. Nuordr and Viola are both inbred :censored:ing morons. Their ineptitude to even hold a civil discussion without trying to force their bull :censored: agendas only further the personas they've developed on this message board. :censored:s.