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  1. Peyton Royce, Bille Kay and Ember Moon (currently on the house show circuit) were pretty good if memory serves as they were all in SHIMMER. Those three have potential to rise to the top of the women's division off hand. For the guys? Ciampa/Gargano come to mind as does Andrade Almas. Oney Lorcan was good in PWG as Biff Busick; Rich Swann, Gran Metalik and Kota Ibushi will probably do time here before heading to Raw's cruiserweight division. Plus you have whatever TNA castoffs for "star" appeal. NXT will be ok as long as there are quality indy talents to raid.
  2. Wow. Am I reading that roster correctly? Bailey didn't get drafted? I'm legitimately shocked at that one. Especially over Alexia Bliss.
  3. Anyone watching the CWC? Really impressed by Davari's little brother so far. I'm hoping he ends up on NXT after this tournament is all said and done.
  4. Nuordr and Viola are both inbred :censored:ing morons. Their ineptitude to even hold a civil discussion without trying to force their bull :censored: agendas only further the personas they've developed on this message board. :censored:s.
  5. How dare you disrespect the fine faculty of my alma-mater:
  6. Where I come from, we call it "being married".
  7. So status quo then.
  8. Lesnar and maybe Benoit. Lesnar is the prime example of why wrestling needs legit managers: they do the talking without making their guy look bad.
  9. As long as Marvel has most of the creative control and Sony keeps their input to a minimum, I think it'll be ok. Worst case is Marvel reels Sony in when Sony tries to have Toby McGuire for Chameleon.
  10. Honestly, they should have just resurrected the WCW brand and built Smackdown as the "other" company. However, god-forbid the 2nd longest running episodic program in television history is replaced with Nitro.
  11. Apparently he's even asked the Sargent at Arms to tell those sitting in to shut off live feeds and stop taking pictures.
  12. Underwood gifs aside: Apparently, Paul Ryan ordered the CSPAN cameras turned off as a result. (Insert joke about nobody watches CSPAN anyway..)
  13. I had no idea it was a smile. It honestly just looked like shading from the top scoop. Never worked on Sketch-Up (though that may be the culprit for the jagged lines). You may want to look into converting to a vector program such as Inkscape (it's free!).
  14. Agreed 100%. There's no sense of whimsy or fun in these. While the color scheme is an upgrade (albeit slightly), it's lacking the "fun" element. Other thoughts: Google up "Ice Cream Logo Designs" or even search "ice cream" on dribbble. This should help you with the design of the ice cream cone. Center the wordmark above the oval. It's too far to the left. Some of the curves on the "B" are really pixelated. Clean up those edges.