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  1. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Leicester v. Crystal Palace Arsenal v. Newcastle Brighton v. Burnley Chelsea v. Southampton Stoke v. West Ham Watford v. Huddersfield Manchester City v. Spurs West Brom v. Manchester United Bournemouth v. Liverpool Everton v. Swansea
  2. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

    The concept is solid, but I'd try to integrate the bolts into the diamond more. They seem sort of tacked on as they are now.
  3. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 9 Voting

    G: 1 S: 11 B: 4
  4. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Burnley v. Stoke Crystal Palace v. Watford Huddersfield v. Chelsea Newcastle v. Everton Southampton v. Leicester Swansea v. Man City Liverpool v. West Brom Man United v. Bournemouth Spurs v. Brighton West Ham v. Arsenal
  5. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    West Ham v. Chelsea Burnley v. Watford Crystal Palace v. Bournemouth Huddersfield v. Brighton Swansea v. West Brom Spurs v. Stoke Newcastle v. Leicester Southampton v. Arsenal Liverpool v. Everton Manchester United v. Manchester City
  6. In a universe without the NFL or American football, rugby is king. Rugby Union has become the United States’ favorite pastime, with 32 teams playing every fall in one of the world’s premier Rugby Union competitions, Premier Rugby. Premier Rugby was officially founded in 1904 with the union of America’s two premier Rugby Federations at the time, the American Rugby Association and the United States Rugby Union. The ARA featured clubs mostly based on the east coast, while the USRU was largely located in the Midwest. Even though they compete under the same banner, the two federations have remained almost completely separate throughout their 113 year history, meeting only to compete for the PR Championship, the Don Schroeder Cup, named for the man instrumental in bringing the two federations together and leading them to national and global prominence. In the early stages of Premier Rugby, the ARA showed it truly was the superior of the two divisions, taking 12 of the first 14 Shields. After that dominant run, the federations have been relatively even, with the ARA taking a total 61 championships to the USRU’s 52. There were plenty of talks about merging the ARA and USRU, and the it was nearly agreed before the 1974 season, only to fall through at the last moment. Any talks of a merger were abandoned, however, after the ARA introduced the bonus point system before the 1981 season. In addition to the 4 points for a win, 2 for a tie, and none for a loss that had been used by both the USRU and ARA for nearly a century, the ARA added bonus points to be awarded for games in which a team scored 4 or more tries, or lost by 7 or fewer points. The system had never been seen before, and was invented in the hopes of creating a higher-scoring, more spectator friendly competition. Traditionalists across the country were outraged, and a few ARA clubs threatened to switch leagues over this “ill-conceived gimmick,” but commissioner Benjamin Walters held firm. As a result of the bonus point, it was clear that interleague play, which had been suggested as a compromise in merger discussions, would be impossible, and the two federations remained separate to the present day. Nothing is more important to American Rugby fans than tradition, and that has led to little change in the Premier Rugby landscape throughout the years. Both federations are still split into an East and West Division, out of which only the champion qualifies for the playoffs. There have been plenty of shouts for a wild card to be added, or for realignment into 4 divisions, but the commissioners have held their ground. Aesthetically, Premier Rugby is regarded as one of the best-looking major sports, with many franchises keeping classic looks throughout their history. Each team has a "Home" and "Clash" uniform, meaning color v. color is a common sight. A panel of uniform experts maps out the potential uniform matchups for each week, ensuring sufficient clash in all games. With all of that said, let's move on to the first team!
  7. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Chelsea v. Newcastle Brighton v. Liverpool Everton v. Huddersfield Leicester v. Burnley Stoke v. Swansea Watford v. Spurs West Brom v. Crystal Palace Arsenal v. Manchester United Bournemouth v. Southampton Manchester City v. West Ham
  8. You've got a great start here, but as the others have said, it still feels more like an illustration than a logo. Here's a couple of steps I'd recommend to take it to the next level, in no particular order. 1) Smooth your curves. Try to use as few curves and points as possible when you're drawing a logo, while still expressing your meaning clearly. Using Inkscape would help with this tremendously, as its pen tool is far more powerful than Paint's line tool. 2) Work on the waves. The variance in the space between the waves is bringing the logo down a bit, I'd make the negative space a smooth curve, with a consistent width. 3) Cut down on colors. I count 11? colors in the logo, which is too many. Cut down on the shades of browns and blues specifically to make the logo simpler. 4) Make your linework thicker and bolder, the key thing that separates a logo from a sketch or illustration is thick outlines around your shapes. This is an area where Inkscape will be more helpful than Paint. Upping the thickness of your border, and making the masts and flags bolder will make your mark stronger. 5) Clean up shading/highlighting. You've got it all in the right places, but it could use some cleaning up. The lines on the bottom of the boat seem sort of tacked on, I'd cut it down to 2-3 thicker stripes that are a shape rather than just a line, have the thickness taper off at the end and then come to a point. Think like this. Also, I don't think you need a border between all of your shading, especially on the "inside" of the ship. Just putting the two colors next to one another should be enough to get your meaning across. 6) Reduce empty space/Add a background. It's no fault of yours, but any drawing of a ship will feature plenty of empty space between the sails and the actual ship. One way to fix this would be to add a shield or rondel in the background. I'd recommend making the background smaller than the actual ship, so the front, back, and maybe the sails, would be sticking out. Putting in this shape would also help the logo to look better on a variety of color backgrounds without having to recolor things.
  9. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Brighton v. Crystal Palace Leicester v. Spurs Watford v. Man Utd West Brom v. Newcastle Arsenal v. Huddersfield Bournemouth v. Burnley Chelsea v. Swansea Everton v. West Ham Man City v. Southampton Stoke v. Liverpool
  10. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 5 Voting

    10 11 13
  11. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    West Ham v. Leicester Crystal Palace v. Stoke Man Utd v. Brighton Newcastle v. Watford Swansea v. Bournemouth Spurs v. West Brom Liverpool v. Chelsea Southampton v. Everton Burnley v. Arsenal Huddersfield v. Man City
  12. Premier Rugby: Dallas Jackalopes

    That's an interesting question, and one I hadn't considered. Kind of crazy a sport as big as rugby had no professional presence for over a century. I'd imagine that the USA was the first to introduce professional rugby, keeping in line with the other big sport of the early days, baseball. The other big rugby nations (England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) would hold out for a while, but once players started to defect overseas to get paid, the other nations began to introduce it, probably in the 40s or 50s. The Rugby World Cup would probably be introduced around this time, and would certainly be much bigger than what it is now. The US would probably have been behind the traditional powers for the first couple, but would catch up quickly, and would likely challenge New Zealand's dominance today. The contracts would be about the same as the NFL, maybe a little bit higher even because there are fewer roster spots. I'd think there'd be a handful of foreign players on each team, but most would stay closer to home.
  13. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    G: 1 S: 8 B: 19
  14. 2017 High School Football

    My friend plays for Sun Prairie, so I'm disappointed to see them fall short. From what I saw of the game, though he played really well, and looks set to go to Whitewater next year. Kimberly is incredible though. 70 straight wins and 5 titles is no small feat.
  15. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    G: 15 S: 19 B: 4
  16. Premier League Weekly Pick 'Em

    Gameweek 12 Fixtures: Arsenal v. Spurs Bournemouth v. Huddersfield Burnley v. Swansea Crystal Palace v. Everton Leicester v. Man City Liverpool v. Southampton West Brom v. Chelsea Man Utd v. Newcastle Watford v. West Ham Brighton v. Stoke
  17. Premier Rugby: Dallas Jackalopes

    Thanks for pointing that out. I figured since Premier Rugby would be as big a business as the NFL in our universe, the teams wouldn't need sponsors, and the shirts looked empty without something on the front, which led to me including numbers.
  18. Premier Rugby: Dallas Jackalopes

    Dallas Jackalopes The replacement of football with rugby has had the biggest effect on Dallas, who went from hosting "America's Team" to these scrubs. The Jackalopes have been around since 1973, but have managed to win exactly nothing in 44 years. The team has made the playoffs only twice, getting blown out both times, and has generally taken a place in the bottom of the standings. Dallas fans are notoriously fickle, and First Texas Bank Stadium often sits empty. The team has contemplated moving away from Big D for a while, but the team seems to have better days ahead. The Jackalopes have slowly developed a solid core of young players that, if managed correctly, could contend for the Schroeder Cup within 3 seasons. The fruits of this clever drafting have yet to appear, as Dallas is still rooted in last place of the USRU West. But as their rivals age, Dallas's key players will be entering their primes, and will look to leap back to the top of the standings. This concept is a little out of the box, but I think it's my favorite so far. I had difficulty settling on a color scheme, and experimented with light green, light blue, and even pink as a replacement for the orange. The Jackalopes are the only team in Premier Rugby to feature a logo on the socks, something they've done since the 80s.
  19. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    G: 13 S: 20 B: 21
  20. Jackalope Logo - HELP NEEDED

    Great start! There's just a couple of things that I would change. 1. I think you lost some of the character when you digitized the logo, specifically in the eyebrow and the teeth. Curving the eyebrow like in the sketch and adding back the teeth would help it to look more like a rabbit. 2. The gap between the cheek and the ear is too small, I'd either bring them together so the black parts connect, or separate them so the gap is slightly more significant. 3. I don't think you need a white outline, you'd be fine moving the red in one
  21. Premier Rugby: Dallas Jackalopes

    I thought about moving the Bantam to the chest, but the team has had the B on the chest for forever, so I went with that. The Bantam does see plenty of action on merchandise, though. Now, the third straight team initialed BB Baltimore Bishops Another one of Premier Rugby's 19th Century club, Baltimore has been moderately successful, but generally average over the course of 119 years. They've won the USRU 9 times, and taken won the Schroeder Cup 5 of those times. Their most successful era was the early 50s, where the Bishops never finished with a losing record, winning the USRU and the Schroeder Cup in '50 and '52. Injuries and bad luck stopped a Bishops' dynasty, but the '52 team is still regarded as one of the greatest in Premier Rugby history. The Bishops play their games at Camden Yard, which they share with the Orioles. Since their last title in 2009, Baltimore has been mired in mediocrity, and have started this season with a blase 9-9 record. The team's core is mostly veterans from the 2009 campaign, and coach Kevin Andrews is the longest tenured in rugby at 19 years. Many fans are pushing for some new blood to kickstart the stagnant franchise, but ownership is reluctant to change, so the Bishops seem to be stuck with what they have, at least for now. The Bishops are famed for their all-white home kit, a look they've sported since the 1925 season. The primary logo is a simple script B, and the secondary is a collegiate looking Bishop mascot logo, which was first adopted in 1991. The kits feature a basic diagonal line pattern, mimicking a Bishop's movement on the chess board.
  22. Psychic Spies Band Logo

    I've been asked to create a logo for my cousin's punk band, The Psychic Spies. He didn't really give any guidelines, so I just went with what I thought was best. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated, as I've never done something like this before. Here's what I have
  23. Psychic Spies Band Logo