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  1. Great work so far. One thing that sticks out to me right away is the bottom left corner. The highlight should align better with the corner of the horse's head.
  2. Is that Pepe in the second Botafogo picture?
  3. Hi again, CCSLC! I'm back at it again with another throwball series, this time with the United States' premier league, the ATA. The league was originally founded in 1979 as the North American Throwball Association, featuring teams from the US and Canada. But after the two nations parted ways in 1991, the league rebranded as the ATA which we see today. The league is divided into 4 regional divisions of 7 teams each. At the end of the season, each division has their own separate four team playoff, and the winner is taken to the Union Cup, a round-robin between the four division champs. The 40 game season runs from June to December, with two games being played a week. If you have any other questions about the league, feel free to ask! For rules, history, and other information, visit my Club Cup Thread or the Throwball Universe Website
  4. Yep! The Union Cup starts tomorrow. Cleveland, Atlanta, Empire, and San Francisco all won their division tournaments and advanced to the finals in Phoenix. I've been swamped studying for exams right now, but I'll get some graphics up soon. I've been working on Long Island for a while, but I'm struggling a bit. They're definitely high on the list for a refresh though.
  5. Gold: 13 Silver: 1 Bronze: 9
  6. Gold: 7 Silver: 1 Bronze: 4
  7. I feel like I've improved quite a bit over the course of this series. As a result, some of my earlier logos look pretty poor compared to some new ones. So I'm going back and updating a few identities. I'm not sure how many I'll get to, but here's the first one. For reference, here's the progression the logo has gone through since I first attempted it a year ago. C&C appreciated! If you have a suggestion for a team that needs work, feel free!
  8. Gold: 4 Silver: 2 Bronze: 9
  9. Gold: 11 Silver: 2 Bronze: 6
  10. Gold: 2 Silver: 8 Bronze: 15
  11. G: 8 S: 1 B: 7
  12. And here's the South and West. For expanded standings, click here
  13. I'll be releasing the current standings by division. Here are the East and North, with 8 games left to play.
  14. Here are some home jersey compilations
  15. Gold: 3 Silver: 17 Bronze: 14
  16. Here's a map of all the team logos
  17. And here it is, the last one! Seattle Totems Founded: 1971 (Relocated from Sioux Falls 1988) Division: West Union Cups: 0 Moelduer Shields: 1 (2003) Seattle has cycled back and forth from mediocre to title-contenders for much of their history, peaking in the early 2000s, with one of the greatest squads to never win a Union Cup. During those years, the Totems would consistently have one of the best records in the league, only to trip up in the loaded West Division playoffs. A Moelduer Shield is the club's only silverware so far, and with the old guard finally moving on, it seems like the next championship push is still a few years off. I've known what I wanted to do for this team for the longest time. The most challenging part was getting the colors to have enough contrast, but this is now one of my favorite schemes in the league. Overall, the kits are pretty simple with the iconic thunderbird wrapping around from the front to the back. So, that's all the teams. C&C is still greatly appreciated on any of them, though. I'll be posting some compilation graphics over the next few days to wrap things up.
  18. Yes. The show has been horribly hit-and-miss, mostly due to the best character only appearing once in the latest season. I keep watching in the hopes that we can get some consistent comedy, but they haven't found it yet.
  19. It's baaack!!!! San Francisco Condors Founded: 1997 Division: West Union Cups: 0 Moelduer Shields: 0 A strong regular season team, San Francisco has never been able to perform in the playoffs, earning the label of postseason chokers. Condors fans have been waiting patiently for the year their team finally puts it together, and it looks like this might be the one. Wing Elijah Tolliver has been on a tear all season, putting up MVP type numbers every night. Tolliver's fantastic play has put the Condors on top of the West, and they'll be hoping to top the division for the first time in their history. The Condors often switch between black and garnet home uniforms, but this year is all-black, with a garnet yoke and the Golden Gate Bridge sublimated into the shirt. The clash is a white version of the home, with the bridge making another appearance. C&C appreciated, I'm hoping to get the last team up in the next few days.
  20. Gold: 13 Silver: 2 Bronze: 1
  21. Excellent update, you've really taken this logo to the next level. There's just a couple small things I'd fix now. 1. Remove the shading on the body, it's just adding another unnecessary color to the logo. 2. Add a little more detail to the eye, a small white circle in the pupil would give the bird even more aggression. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. 3. Thicken the stitching on the baseball to match the width of the rest of your outlines, also remove the red that's overlapping the outline of the ball. 4. Like pianoknight said, change the font for the wordmark. I'd also consider adding outlines to the letters to incorporate more team colors. You've already made a huge improvement, keep up the good work!
  22. G: 19 S: 10 B: 16