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  1. I'd go so far as to say it's bloody terrible.
  2. I recall talk of the Premier League introducing a rule for next season requiring shirts to have a plain panel on the back for names and numbering. If this has gone through then I guess this Newcastle shirt will be lacking full stripes.
  3. ...and their caretaker manager is the wonderfully named Fred Grim. Superb.
  4. I see they're using a Hull City shirt to show the new font in the best possible light. A wise decision.
  5. I think it's more a case of Emirates putting a clause in their contract rather than Arsenal making a stand of some sort, so you're free to be able to sleep at night.
  6. Not Arsenal though! Word is that their deal with Emirates precludes other sponsors appearing on their kit.
  7. Remember those Premier League sleeve patch sponsors? Well, Manchester City are the first to announce theirs - Korean tyre manufacturers Nexen Tire.
  8. Supporters who want Wenger out as he's 'killing their club' might get their wish as he lifts his third major trophy in four seasons. Perhaps they should have a chat with their counterparts at Blackpool, Coventry, Charlton or Leyton Orient, to name but a few?
  9. The Championship doesn't have sleeve advertising - for the time being at least - but teams can wear sponsors' logos on the back of their shirts and on their shorts. I'd guess that if a Premier League club with a sleeve sponsor was relegated said sponsor would look to have first dibs on one of these alternative spots. That said, some sponsorship deals are dependent on Premier League status so have severance clauses written into them in case of relegation.
  10. The collective deal will be made up of smaller clubs with less clout, the big boys will be able to negotiate more profitable deals for themselves.
  11. Ciao! The Lega Primo d'Italia - CCSLC’s Serie A-based fantasy soccer league - is looking to find a replacement owner for CS Monte Carlo with immediate effect. The Monte Carlo roster features the likes of Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne and Adem Ljajić, and prospective owners can apply HERE.
  12. Meanwhile, Leicester City have gone and sacked Claudio Ranieri.
  13. It’s not that uncommon a practice in pre-season matches before a team's squad numbers are finalised - players will just wear numbered shirts devoid of a name, usually the starters will be in traditional 1-11.
  14. Umbro used to alternate releasing home and away kits each year, with the new clobber being unveiled on Saint George's Day (April 23). I seem to remember that continuing for a while under Nike, before we fell into the same schedule as other teams. On the subject of Umbro, and the use of co-ordinates on the new Orlando City shirt's sleeve - Umbro used co-ordinates as part of the promo for their team's new kit launches last summer. They feature prominently in the ads and are usually to be found on the inner collar of the shirt...
  15. They sorely missed Clattenburg last night.