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  1. I'm not classing it as an authentic throwback unless all players who wear it have their front teeth removed as well.
  2. A truly historic moment in the history of the show. After all the years and all the regenerations, we finally have what so many people have been clamouring for - a Yorkshire-born Doctor. Not counting David Bradley, obviously...
  3. The problem with having the red rose of Lancashire debossed into the fabric without colour is that you're essentially left with a white rose - the symbol of Lancashire's rival county Yorkshire. Mind, as a Yorkshireman I don't really see this as being a problem.
  4. No, Hull City Ladies isn’t officially affiliated with Hull City itself - Hull City’s owners did provide some financial backing for a year or two but that ended in one of their waves of football-based cost cutting. I think they updated their crest at that point in time (around the time City’s crest was redesigned to drop the club name) and the owners were encouraging them to rename as Hull Tigers Ladies, I strongly suspect that’s why ‘City’ has been snuck onto the snout. It would have been created entirely independently of the men’s side, though. The Tiger’s head we use has been on the shirt in one form or another since the late 1970s (aside from a brief and acrimonious spell at the turn of the millennium), so whilst it may not be the best looking of animals (or be frowning that much) it’s ours. I'd be interested to see what you come up with concept-wise, though!
  5. Onwards... and upwards? On first impressions, not bad at all. The sponsor using their wordmark only is a vast improvement on what we had last season, the back is striped - always a positive - and there's not any fussy trimmings to detract from the colours. The badge will remain a bone of contention, and one thing I'd change would be on the back of the shorts - they carry the logo of WWF (this season's charity partner) in a circular patch, but I think it'd look much better just reversed white out of the black fabric. Mind, it probably wouldn't look like a proper panda then. The diagonal stripes on the sleeve are... interesting. Something different, I guess. They put me in mind of a prototype of the 2004-05 shirt where the sleeves had a similar treatment... ...on the final version though the stripes were straight. All in all, an upgrade from last season. Hooped socks would have been lovely, mind. EDIT: Hmm, looks like the crest has a parquet pattern behind the Tiger's head...
  6. Where Scunny are concerned I can only applaud the board's profanity filter.
  7. I demand that they register those shorts as actual playing kit.
  8. I'm thinking the Christmas special is a bit more simple than that...
  9. I can't say for certain how widely available Arsenal's goalkeeping hues are, but Newcastle certainly had a green keepers kit last season...
  10. Indeed - it’s the only thing I’d perhaps change, but even so I think it works nicely with black hose. I suspect the Bournemouth kitman will have a stock of red alternate socks to deal with clashes - Umbro usually equip their clubs that way - so it’s a look we may yet get to see. I’d be delighted if Hull City got the exact same kit with amber replacing the red, but as it’s reckoned to be a bespoke kit for Bournemouth that won’t be happening unfortunately.
  11. Umbro doing some fine work for Bournemouth...
  12. Just a little bump as we approach the deadline...
  13. The LPI, the CCSLC’s Serie A-based fantasy league, is looking for a new owner ahead of the 2017-18 campaign. If you like your calcio and fancy having the likes of Gonzalo Higuaín and Mario Mandžukić at your disposal next season, here's your opportunity! If you meet the traditional minimum six months membership and 500+ posts, head over to the application thread and let us know of your interest by Monday 19th June. Grazie!
  14. There is the option - which has historical precedence - of replacing the crest on the chest with the scudetto. Mind, that would involve them either eliminating the new crest entirely or moving it elsewhere, the sleeve for example. I doubt very much Juventus would want to do that to their newly launched logo though. The clutter could have been worse, as well. Had they won the Champions League they would be in the Club World Championship - win that and that's another patch they'd have needed to have found room for.
  15. A new kitmaker - Craft - and thus new kits for Dutch footballing powerhouses PEC Zwolle...