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  2. Horford was definitely one of the most underrated players on the Celtics. He's was a huge reason they had a top defense. Losing him will definitely hurt, but Robert Williams did show a lot of potential. So hopefully he can step up.
  3. I don’t know what the colors will be, but the owner said it on the radio today. I haven’t seen anyone run with the news though.
  4. Also, why don’t you call them the CDC and NDC?
  5. Close Enough. I’d go with B for the CDF and A for the NDF.
  6. I think it would've been better to name them the Knights and include gold helmets and use a lot of gold in the uniforms. Then they could've organically been nicknamed the Golden Knights by fans and media.
  7. Sort of, it's used as an accent color. The navy is more used in merchandise. It's a shame, I liked the navy.
  8. Side note, navy is still part of their color scheme right? At this rate they might as well just dump it for black.
  9. Moving onto one of the newer teams of the 2nd expansion, dealing with the first one and this is where the Bolts come from... but from interesting origins, this expansion caused a major incident to happen with the placement of this team... do they go into the AFC's North division or the NFC's East division, eventually this forced the NFL to pass a rule stating that there could only be 2 teams from a state in a division. Moving onto the newest reps of the league that play in the unique indoor stadium known as Brooklyn Heights. THE BROOKLYN BEATS HOME Purple, Silver and White are a very unique scheme for the NFL... mostly silver helmets with white accents, purple top and silver pants with purple socks. ROAD Same Silver helmet but with purple accents, white top and purple pants which are then accompanied by white socks. ALTERNATE They tried a black helmet which didn't work so going with the white helmet instead, they use black accents, purple tops and black pants with black socks. RETRO Honoring their roots as they came from the Brooklyn Nets originally, they use black, white and grey to say thanks for making us. BIG CITY I can assure you that this is actually the color of bling... a bit of ice can help and it shows with purple accents so as to not be lost on the field.
  10. I'm late to this and I'm not an NBA guy so maybe I'm not following, but I fail to see how trading your assets for a ready made star is some morally rapacious or scummy path towards contention. Especially when every single team has done it at some point. Isn't the whole strategy in the NBA to acquire high draft picks? If you trade a pick that hasn't been used or you trade a pick that you took 3 years ago that is now assigned to a player's value or you decide to keep the player you used the high pick on, then what the hell is the difference? Would this discussion be different if it was a team like the Kings or Twolves doing it rather than the Lakers? Probably.
  11. The Auburn news was posted here before I could get to it! (Traveling all day preparing for my wedding) I'm a little surprised to see the new template update, and even more so surprised that Auburn announced it. The previous template was pretty nice, and the new chest stitching with folder tabs over the logos is quite odd. Still waiting for more photos to find details of the rest of the template. The pants look to have more mesh on the backside, also. Here is a side-by-side I made the other night of the chest differences
  12. I called it going into the 2018 season that no matter what these new Adidas uniforms would be downgrades from the UA ones, and I'm yet to be proven wrong. These look very cheap and the numbering looks bad. Nothing tops these looks:
  13. Wow does that C ever look out of place. Horrible execution
  14. Today
  15. That black background around the C looks terrible. In fact, all of the outlines look bad. Inconsistent line weights, the strange way they filled the opening of the 5... It just keeps getting worse the more I look at it.
  16. I like both, but put me in the non-beveled camp.
  17. Both of Western United's previously-leaked kits have been confirmed as authentic.
  18. This is the first time in a while they've done that. Usually they like to use a mix of red, blue or white. But since Atletico Madrid is the opponent that wasn't possible as long as Atletico wore their standard home layout. They used that same horrible pattern template that's being used on pregame jerseys but it works with these.
  19. Not at all. Obviously none of the Adidas collars have been perfect, but the half-collars the Canucks use on their home & aways are much, much worse than a collar that actually connects. Unfortunately, unless the league & Adidas update their templates, the only way to keep the collars from being gaudy distractions is to have them match the base colour of the jersey, or the shoulder/sleeve yoke if there is one (Bayne did a nice touch-up).
  20. So here's the condensed version of the logo. IMHO, this should be the anniversary logo, not the other one.
  21. Replacing all the black with wine would have made a great looking logo.
  22. You should make a list of teams and divisions. As well as any remaining teams. Awesome series!
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