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  2. I may be a bit biased here, but watching the Warriors these last 5 games have been a real treat, when looking at it objectively. Their back to playing their unique style of basketball, Curry looks like himself again and it’s just fun to watch in general. They look like that 73-win team again. Like they’re enjoying themselves. KD ruins all of that.
  3. It needed more truculence.
  4. My opinion, for what it's worth is that option #1 looks best.
  5. Already asked for one before, but is a Liverpool FC request on the cards? With the quote saying "Walk on you reds." We had the league in our hands and we dropped the ball. We have a chance now at making this season mean something in history.
  6. There's an NFL version of Kevin Glenn named Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has played for 8 NFL teams: Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans, Jets, Buccaneers and now Dolphins.
  7. As seen in the anniversary logo, this should be the direction of a new primary. It's times infinity better than the current crest that contains a dozen outlines. Source: Icethetics. This is the one with the polished up bison side by side comparison:
  8. He's baseball's answer to Kevin Glenn, the only player to have been on all nine CFL teams (even though he was acquired by and then traded by two of them before actually playing for them).
  9. I'm sure you guys have heard how this photo below was what inspired the NBA's logo: I recently found this magazine cover below. A much closer match if you ask me. Now that I think about it, I wonder how the logo would've looked if they were able to have both Mr Clutch and the Big O.
  11. It feels like I've said this at once a season now, but I'm bored so I'll say it again: I get why people dislike the Warriors, but as someone who grew up in the Bay Area going to Warriors games in the 90s, seeing the likes of Run TMC and company in person , attending the youth skills camp, getting autographs, and seeing them play hard but only make the playoffs I think three times in my youth, it feels good that the Warriors are good again, and headed back to the Finals, but if someone in the 90s told me, the Warriors would go to five straight NBA Finals, in the future, I would have said that doesn't seem likely.
  12. Stotts has just one year left on his contract and was denied an extension prior to Paul Allen's death. And they've go no cap space.
  13. Gus Williams and the 1979 Sonics at first sight.
  14. Welp, the Warriors have nine straight days off until the Finals start. Everyone should be fully rested by then. The Warriors have been to FIVE straight NBA Finals. That still doesn't sound real.
  15. Warriors going to their 5th Straight Finals, got damn. Even Kobe's Lakers weren't that absurdly dominate. Now watch them tie or Break Lebron & Celtics records just because. Hopefully The Bucks can finally end this empire.
  16. I'll never be a basketball coach at any level, but what was that? A million years to draw a play, and that's what you come up with? Off balance, bad angle? What a sad end to a thrilling season for the Blazers.
  17. ***update*** I was going to wait to see if the league became more popular before I created a blog or website. After seeing that at least 3 other leagues do it, I decided to do it. So, I will be posting all of the WBHA content there first after the sports fan fiction forms shut down. With this league not being that popular I don’t know how successful it will be, but I’m doing it anyway. The blog can be found here: Now, what I have here today are the regular season schedules.
  18. Nice to see Portland NOT blowing a 3rd quarter lead, by the way... good on them to make it to the 4th quarter to blow it. Ninja Edit: Bravo, Portland... you guys should be up 3-1 on the defending champs. Instead, you got swept out of town. This is what happens when you take your foot off the pedal against a good team.
  19. Add tonight’s matchup too, gorgeous to see white at home and a regular non alt on the road
  20. The Breaking Bad kit. The yellow Postbank background completely ruins whatever aesthetic they were trying for. Death to ads.
  21. How's that working for you? What? Being clever.
  22. I always thought FCC got their colors from the Dayton and Cincinnati Dutch Lions
  23. The San Diego Padres need an alternate that says "Dads" or "Fathers" on it, since you know Padre is Spanish for Father/Dad
  24. Blazers staving off the guillotine for a few more minutes.
  25. I have heard rumors of the Idaho Steelheads moving up to the AHL to be Seattles affiliate. It makes sense. Idaho, Rapid City, and Utah are the only teams out west now. The Tacoma Dome is undergoing renovations. If any of the western ECHL clubs dont jump I can see Seattle putting their team there. I honestly cant see any of the WHL clubs being displaced by an AHL club.
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