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  1. The last world cup was in 2015, so the next one will come in 2019. There are continental champions next winter, so I'll probably post some national team concepts after this series to get ready for that.
  2. Thanks for the reply! The star was something added in the 2006 rebrand, before that there was an interlocking BR in the blue field. The Rebellion received mass ridicule for adding the star to their badge because they've never won a trophy. A change may be in the cards for next season.
  3. I did consider this, but black and yellow is the color scheme of the Calverts' biggest rivals, Pittsburgh, and no self-respecting Baltimoreons would be caught dead in those colors. @Darknes should be pumped about this one Boston Rebellion Founded: 1975 Division: East Union Cups: 0 Moelduer Shields: 0 A historically downtrodden club, Boston is one of only two of the original NATA teams to have never won a trophy (Milwaukee is the other). The team is famous for constantly starting over with a young roster filled with academy graduates, falling on their faces, and then selling their young players to other clubs to buy more young players. Boston has been waiting for four decades to finally find the stud core of players that can lead them to their first silverware. Kits are fairly similar to the ones I designed in my original NATA thread, with the only major change being the addition of "New England Green". New ownership revamped the Rebellion's tired look in 2006, adding the bright green and the trees as an homage to the New England flag in an attempt to appeal to fans from further north. C&C this one away, and Buffalo will be up tomorrow!
  4. Oh, I know all about that. Some of the world's most prolific throwball goalies were born when I began throwing a mini soccer ball against the basement wall and then lunging out to stop it from hitting the couch. Afterwards, my knees were covered in bruises, and my mother was driven nearly insane from the constant noise.
  5. I can see where you are coming from. but the Maryland flag was based on the Calvert Coat of Arms and the Baltimore flag does feature the yellow and black diamond pattern like on the flag. I think I may tone down the flag on the clash, though. I wasn't totally satisfied with the way that came out.
  6. I'll start adding the uniforms to the website as I post them here. I guess simulating was something that came along too late in the process. In the older and more primitive days, throwball was confined to crude logos drawn in crayons on paper and me throwing the ball against a backstop in my backyard. These early days set the tone as to who was good, who was bad, as well as some results, particularly the mid 2000s. Then I started to expand the sport across the globe, simplify my American league (which at one point boasted 200+ teams) and made it more "realistic". Over the past year or two I've been hard at work on the history of major tournaments like the Club Cup (I just finished the World Cup history last week) and constantly expanding my player database. So, unfortunately, there's no real simulator engine, just me picking winners through random numbers or occasionally throwing the ball around in the backyard to decide some of the bigger games. I remember that first NATA thread, and was just looking through some of my old artwork on my computer today. They were horribly rough, and probably didn't deserve much praise. But there were plenty of people their to help me improve through their C&C, you included, and that really started the process of me improving. I guess a brief testimonial of what helped me improve was C&C from fellow members and designers like I mentioned before, as well as studying the works of some of the more prolific artists on this board. Raysox, Mcrosby, dgnmrwww, and jaha32 come to mind as just a few of those artists who I was constantly admiring and looking up to. Most importantly was just practicing and always pushing myself to improve.
  7. Now, the first team, Baltimore! Baltimore Calverts Founded: 1983 Division: East Union Cups: 0 Moelduer Shields: 2 (2005, 2006) Baltimore has always been good, never great, and relies on a powerful offense to win them games. Their finest years came in the first decade of the new millenium, as they won two shields for the best record in the regular season, reached the Union Cup three times, and finished fourth at the 2010 Club Cup. But as their stars aged, the era of success waned, and the Calverts are now just fighting for a playoff spot in a tough East Division. Pretty modern design, with Maryland flags everywhere. The crest comes from the coat of arms of Cecil Calvert, which I love, and features two leopards next to the now flag of Maryland. The home kit features a gradient diamond pattern like on the flag, and the clash has sublimated flag on the shirt. C&C greatly appreciated!
  8. Hi again, CCSLC! I'm back at it again with another throwball series, this time with the United States' premier league, the ATA. The league was originally founded in 1979 as the North American Throwball Association, featuring teams from the US and Canada. But after the two nations parted ways in 1991, the league rebranded as the ATA which we see today. The league is divided into 4 regional divisions of 7 teams each. At the end of the season, each division has their own separate four team playoff, and the winner is taken to the Union Cup, a round-robin between the four division champs. The 40 game season runs from June to December, with two games being played a week. If you have any other questions about the league, feel free to ask! For rules, history, and other information, visit my Club Cup Thread or the Throwball Universe Website
  9. The head-only logo works well, and the body is well drawn, but the place where they meet looks very awkward. I would remove the highlight to help it fit together better.
  10. Really like the colors for Anaheim, but a 90s expansion team calls for a bit more modern striping. Something similar to their inaugural look would work nicely.
  11. Does anyone know how to put in spoilers? All of mine were lost in the update.
  12. Fantastic! I think you should make the red area a little bigger, but it's a minor complaint for a great logo.
  13. Love Stuttgart. The color scheme is fantastic, but I'd like to see some red and gold on the home kit.
  14. Wow, Hawaii is beautiful! Some of the numbers seem too large, though especially on Oregon State.
  15. Fantastic updates. What's sticking out to me now is the mustache. You have detail on everything else, so the 'stache looks bare.
  16. The eyebrow seems a bit too thin to me, but other that, fantastic work!
  17. Or Johnny Vander meer's back to back no-hitters
  18. thats what i was going to say How's this? Almost there, but I agree with habsfan about the laces.
  19. Home is fantastic, but the away has too much yellow. Switch the yellow and blue and you're golden
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, Ren, but I think the sword and the braids are both part of some sort of whip he's holding. Another beautiful mark, this would look great for Texas Tech
  21. Great to see some fresh takes on some dismal NHL identities. For the Coyotes, I feel you could eliminate black by using a dark green in its place, and darken the purple just a bit.
  22. MCrosby and Capital Canuck made one of my favorite soccer series ever http://boards.sports...-capitalcanuck/ and Raysox and Dylan Alexander made their Hockey Super 10 together (Whatever happened to that?)
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