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  1. I really like the jersey colors and striping on all three. I would, however, like to see red breezers used with the red and white (silver?) jerseys. That's always given the Canes a unique look (all red with black trim - not too close the the Blackhawks or the Red Wings). The black breezers look good with the black jersey. The logo is a tough one. While the hurricane warning flags are accurate, they just don't make for a great primary logo when they're the main aspect of it. They'd look fine on the shoulders, though. I've never been a fan of the diagonal lettering across the front (that should just be a Rangers thing). A member named Ti-Nick posted a rough draft concept back in 2015 that I thought was pretty good (top logo below). Unfortunately, it looks similar the the Cincinnati Cyclones logo (bottom logo below), so that might cause a problem. Overall, these are really nice, though. Good job.
  2. While I like the Vegas Golden Knights uniform set, what bugs me is that while the uniform and the secondary logo have a touch of red (which I think makes the whole uniform pop), the main logo has no red in it at all. Couldn't they fit a little red in there somewhere?
  3. I agree that there's something not right about the Aves new look. If they changed the numbers and name from black to blue on the white sweaters, those would look fine. To me, the dark uniform is the biggest problem. The way the blue hem blends into the blue breezers makes it look, from a distance, like the sweaters are tucked into the breezers and the breezers are pulled way up.
  4. Understood, but it still seems petty to me. Anyone can see the difference between the Oilers and the Roughnecks logo. Legally, can the NFL and the Titans challenge it? Yes, but it's just an unnecessary waste of time and resources, IMO.
  5. The NFL and the Titans don't even use that logo anymore. Whether they legally own it or not, this just seems petty to me. Let the Houston Roughnecks use their logo - the Oilers name and logo is a Houston thing anyway.
  6. Can the Patriots one be their primary uniform, please? Just pair it with a white jersey for the road (red number with blue trim and red/blue/red shoulder stripes).
  7. I like the simplicity of your main white and blue Cowboys uniforms. I too, never liked the mismatching colors that they have. I have always liked the blue-gray shade that their pants and helmets used to be and the shade of blue kind of between royal blue and navy blue that they used to have. It gave the Cowboys a unique look. I'd love to see your concept rendered in those colors.
  8. I like what you've done with the Jets, I just hate that "puke" shade of green. If the Jets went with your concept (Namath era striping, white helmet with the '90s logo), but just changed the shade of green to the '90s shade (darker than kelly green, but not as dull as that puke shade, they'd be perfect IMO.
  9. Although I wouldn't want the Islanders to change their current uniforms, in a vacuum, if they'd lose the front number and the phantom shoulder yoke on these, I always thought that this uniform set wasn't bad looking.
  10. It seems that the shade of silver the Raiders are using these days is lighter than it used to be. It almost looks white (especially on a sunny day). I wish they would go to a slightly darker shade of silver (I couldn't find any good images from this season, but they look the same as last season).
  11. I like it, but I think the numbers should be in a font that somewhat matches the "angels" font. Better than what they wear now, though (the current ones have too much red IMO)
  12. 5". The Cincinnati "Big Red Machine" of the 1970s wore the perfect stirrups IMHO.
  13. I'd like to see that NHL Dallas Stars use this D logo - their current one always looks too low and off centered on their jersey.
  14. They do the Steelers better than the Steelers (block style numbers are so much better)
  15. I like the uniforms. I'm not a big fan of white spikes either, but the A's and white spikes go hand in hand at this point - not a deal breaker, though.
  16. Nice work. I would just reverse the pants on the home and road (black jersey/white pants - white jersey/black pants) and have white or orange topped socks with the black pants.
  17. I think the Tennessee Titans original uniforms were underrated. I always liked the number font - very distinctive for them while still legible. They weren't perfect, in my opinion - I wasn't a big fan of the logo, but I think the new uniforms are a downgrade (although I do like the navy helmet).http://http://
  18. If this logo would replace the blue trim inside the C with green, I think it would look a little better. That way, at least ALL of the team colors are represented in it.