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  1. Hey GFB, I remember you created the primary logo and word mark for my Roadrunners about 2-3 years ago and figured I'd tap you for this project if interested. Since we're nearing the end of the 2013 CFA season and my team has been well out of the playoff picture for a while, I wanted to give me club a more pronounced identity for the 2014. I'm looking to keep the primary as I think it is fantastic. But, I would like to introduce a secondary logo. I wanted to have a shield desi...

    1. GFB


      Hey, Sorry I missed this! PM me the details.

  2. fnz, Please let us know in the NAHL if you plan to return next season. Thanks, Winger

  3. Can't receive any new messages. Anyways you're up in the draft man.

  4. My idea is to have this be almost like a takeover. They don't care what the GM thinks, what the faces think, or what is done. They're just looking to takeover and have a huge ego. One man is no bigger than the other within this faction. Kind of like the Nexus to some extent. Just a group of men who are looking to change the current state.

  5. Hey NEW.ERA, I have an idea in mind for the current CCWF. As you and I both know, James and DESTROYA have not had the most recognizable existence in CCWF. However, I've been working on something where High Tide become almost like the Outsiders before nWo came to being. I'm looking to recruit some people who may want to join and Tom Holmes I think is a great candidate.

    My i...

  6. Ok thanks man, sorry I had to write on your profile but I guess your inbox is full. Yeah, I'll get around to filling out an application soon.

  7. Sac Town is ok with me. Fill out an app if you like.

  8. Hey man, I saw that you guys are taking applications to the NAHL. If you don't recall I applied to you guys back in February. Even though there is little chance of me being accepted, I just have a quick question: would Sacramento be an acceptable location for a team? I know that it is a North American league, so I'm just not sure. Also just to let you guys know I probably won't be a...