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  1. Top notch concept, man! I'm digging the webbing within the block C and the white outline around the spider works much better. However I'm in disagreement with some on ditching navy. I like this in both black and navy. But for the sake of keeping with tradition, I think keeping navy is a good way to link past with present. Either way, this concept looks great in both color schemes and I'm absolutely a fan of them becoming the Spiders. Also those cream color uniforms are DOPE!
  2. I've been echoing this sentiment for a while. I miss when 2K did NHL games. I actually enjoyed the gameplay and the fact that I could customize soundtracks are the old Xbox versions.
  3. I loved the presentation. You put a lot of thought and effort into how to create a modern representation of the Nordiques and I believe you mostly succeeded in your initial product. As much as I value the uniqueness of your first logo, @the admiral brings up a good point that it becomes too clever for its own good. Your updated logo feels more spot on. However I wonder what this would look like with the bottom-skewed line removed and the stick moved over slightly to the right. Maybe it's me but your outline feels a little too thick for such a tight squeeze near the opening of the igloo. It's a minor thing, yes, and may be just a personal preference. But I think it could help make the overall logo breathe well. I think you knocked this concept out of the park, though. Adding a darker shade of blue adds a nice balance to the original color scheme, too.
  4. Exactly. People will buy it because it represents the brand they support or for some the change that is occurring. Call me crazy but I love those little kitsch (or niche) things. For example, the one off NY Giants logo in 1975 or the TN Oilers patches from '97-'98. As I mentioned in my other reply, it's probably more of a personal preference. But I think it's something that can always bleed over into a rebranding. Because there is a possibility you may see the new Washington font and W included in the new branding. That may not be the case in a year or two and perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. But I'm not opposed to it if that could be a part of the plan.
  5. I get that but technically it's already happening. I do see where you both are going with this. Maybe I'm looking at this from more of a fan perspective so that's how I'm going to view this particular thing. But I agree with your point in the sense that fans are likely to not be that invested in what happens this season anyways, due to the pandemic and other issues happening throughout the country. So creating something with as little effort as possible in order to transition to something "better" makes sense. But I prefer the effort being put in. Granted I, like many, don't expect much from Snyder.
  6. That's a good point. They are trying to disassociate with their former identity and I agree that pushing Brand X is not worth the effort. But my counter argument to that then is why make merchandise with any of these marks? Why bother putting Washington on the chest? I could also ask this question to the LA Rams. Why switch everything to white and do a complete 180 a few years later? Owners invest time and money into this enterprise. Selling a product, even in transition, comes with wanting your customers (or fans in this scenario) to connect with you. Dan Snyder sucks and we can all agree on that. But after living in an area (Richmond, VA) where a large mass of Washington fans identify and connect with the team and its history, this is a real kick in the nuts for them. Now I'm a Ravens fan. I don't have that same fandom they do. However I've also been an advocate of them changing the name for a long time and what better way to transition into something new than to identify as Washington's team? For me, if I was a fan of them, something as simple as that roundel or the singular W logo helps make that transition a bit more bearable.
  7. I didn't include the jerseys in the quote because it's ridiculous in size. But...I don't have many issues with the uniform itself. It's basically the same as before except with numbers on the helmet and WASHINGTON under the front of the collar. My biggest pet peeve about these uniforms, though, is the numbers on the helmet. I am a little surprised that the team didn't just use these: At least with these two options they offer some type of "identity" or identifier. Especially when this process could take a year and a half to come up with something they feel suits them. This doesn't mean I am against the use of numbers on the helmet. Just not in this scenario. Because while the temporary name may feel lifeless, the team looks like it, too.
  8. I was happy to see Chrome have a resurgence this year. It's a shame they couldn't keep the "Chromeback" going. But as @JayMac said, I find it hard to believe Whipsnakes won't take the title. They are too solid on all sides of the ball and teams just struggle to keep up. I have to say, though, this has been an exciting tournament! I can't wait for them to get back to a full season at some point. Because some of their teams have great personalities that make for good television.
  9. So far I'm liking these updates! The Falcons and Cardinals fall a little flat for me. However, I enjoy what you did with the ATL abbreviation. My favorite sets are the Texans, WFT, and Steelers up to this point. Can't wait to see the rest!
  10. The Vets is simple yet really interesting. I dig it. I would like to see the shield placed over the left breast area of the jersey, though, in the vein of the Steelers and Jets. It could be a really nice jersey accent.
  11. Color scheme looks great integrated into this design. The only change I would suggest is to adjust the size of your W within the shield because some of the bottom gold bar is peaking over. It's something very small but I believe in keeping it consistent. While I would have liked to see a little more variation in uniform style and maybe an alternate logo, you've done a great job rebranding the club. Overall: A-
  12. I'm with @Chromatic, I actually like the sleeves on the Seahawks. Reminds me of the Washington Capitals current set. As for the rest, I like what I see. Could be interesting to experiment a little more with the rest of the teams.
  13. I won't even bother looking back to see if this was something I replied to a while back because things have changed since this thread was created. But, here it goes: NFL: 1.) Baltimore Ravens - My dad purchased season tickets in 1996 and my family had them until January 2014. We were die-hard for a long time. Now we're lucky if we go to one game per year. But, we're still huge fans and in Richmond, VA, hardcore Ravens groups are hard to come by. 2.) New York Jets - These guys are more of a "I'll root for them when they make the playoffs" type of team for me. My dad grew up in New Jersey and his favorite team was the Jets before he switched to the Ravens in 1996. I think part of him still considers himself a soft fan to this day. Because of that, I give them my support, too. MLB: 1.) Baltimore Orioles - I know, I know, we suck. But, being a Ravens fan and a lover of Baltimore, it just comes natural to back the Birds. 2.) New York Mets - My mom grew up a Mets fan in Jersey and I adopted them as my NL club. NHL: 1.) Anaheim Ducks - My best friend in public school was a Mighty Ducks fan, and the films are what got me into hockey as a kid. The rest is sort of history. I've been rooting for them since 2002 and haven't looked back. 2.) Washington Capitals - The Capitals were the first NHL team I ever got into. Also living in Richmond, VA, they're considered a "home" club in the DMV. 3.) New Jersey Devils - I more or less root for them because my dad is a Devils fan being from Jersey. MLS: 1.) New York City FC - They are co-owned by Manchester City FC, my favorite Premier League squad. NBA: 1.) Washington Bullets (Wizards) - Honestly, I don't follow basketball that much anymore. That started to occur in the '90s when the team changed their name. But, I will support them here and there. 2.) Brooklyn Nets - My folks are originally from NJ and I loosely followed the team growing up. NCAA: 1.) Old Dominion University - I attended ODU for a year and the school is still a big part of me. I continue to support their football program. 2.) Virginia Commonwealth University - I graduated from VCU this year and support their sports programs, especially basketball. After their Final Four appearance, I was sold. Premier League Manchester City FC - I didn't get into the club until 2010. But, I watched a documentary about the fan base and loved their underdog spirit at the time. Now they've had a nice decade of success.
  14. According to this article, it seems BattleHawks pays homage to aviation defense in the area. Another interesting thing to note is that apparently if you flip the logo upside down, it spells out "STL"... To (not really) answer your question, I don't know what the hell it is either. But, I really liked the unveiling of New York and Houston's identities. They feel more unique than the others. I don't mind the Defenders, but the DC just feels weird to me. Should have just went with Washington.
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