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  1. Ohio finishes the regular season this week. Biggest surprise this year is that New Philadelphia is still 9-0 and 1st in their region. They play Dover on Friday with a perfect regular season at stake. My alma mater is looking at a perfect season as well. They are 0-9 and playing the top team in the league, Indian Valley. It's going to be ugly and it's on Halloween night for some reason instead of Saturday when it was normally held.
  2. I can think of one way these guys could get extra money, Insta-fame. It's what led one player for UCF to quit football when the NCAA told him to pick one of the other: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/ucf-kicker-ruled-ineligible-after-refusing-to-agree-to-terms-over-youtube-channel/ The big issue is whether or not the NCAA will allow these accounts to make money or not. I think for the NCAA this may not be a direct revenue stream but if you have players with monetized accounts talking up the college experience and giving a rose colored glasses view of college sports it will help them in the long run while letting the athletes pocket money now. For the Olympic sports and non money-making teams this would be a boon.
  3. They actually have the assets since they've included 10 NCAA teams for their Superstar/Face of the Franchise for Madden20. Realistically, EA would need to make a deal with the overall licensing group and that would take time. I wonder if the workaround is to simply bump up the cost of attendance payments. I could also see schools start selling football and basketball jerseys with each kids name and number available with a set percentage for each jersey sold. Fanatics would be the biggest winner if this isn't allowed at separate school stores. It still won't help volleyball and lacrosse players as much as it will the big money sports so it will be interesting to see how this ultimately gets implemented.
  4. That's what that uniform was when they wore them back then. The only way to make them look closer to the originals is to screen the numbers on and use the Champion style numbers.
  5. A new lawsuit from the Cosmos? Strangely enough they are searching for a new league to play in since NASL will not be viable next year. https://www.frontrowsoccer.com/2019/09/29/no-room-at-the-inn-cosmos-trying-to-find-a-league-may-not-play-in-2020/
  6. How much of that could be actual ownership engagement, in addition to leaving Arrowhead? In the case of Columbus from 2016-2017, there was a deliberate attempt to weaken the team and chase fans away. Prior to that when the Hunts owned Kansas City, Dallas and Columbus they were spreading the love to three different fan bases, which can cause the fans to think they treated another team better than the rest of them. This is why I'm annoyed by the name Atlanta United but not DC United. DC United took that name to stand out from the Americanized names that the rest of the league had in 1996. Atlanta United took that name because it fit marketing plans better than a name like Atlanta Chiefs or Atlanta Silverbacks couldn't.
  7. Too bad the Browns don't have Peppers to get rid of instead. Are the Redskins trying to get as many Buckeyes on the team as possible to bring in Urban Meyer?
  8. I think Nike has silently enlarged most of their big team's numbers. I think Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan are wearing slightly enlarged numbers. It could also be that the Vapor template is tighter fitting that Mach Speed and Elite 51 were and it gives the impression they're larger. adidas and under Armour are weird about using numbers that appear to be smaller than previous years so Washington having smaller numbers doesn't surprise me.
  9. And Cleveland will still find a way to blow it next week with a guy who's never started a game in 3 years.
  10. I'd shrink the outline on the lettering. Right now there's too much of it.
  11. Imagine throwing for 460 yards and only scoring . . . 1 touchdown! That's how bad it is to be Matt Schaub right now.
  12. https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2019/10/vlatko-andonovski-named-head-coach-of-us-womens-national-team USWNT has a new coach, Vlatko Andonovski, formerly of Reign FC.
  13. Yep. if I remember correctly, Nike, adidas and Reebok all had a hand in helping pick names and the logo design was developed by each of them for the teams they had under contract. The Rapids original logo was one of my favorites, but I didn't like any of the Nike ideas except for MetroStars. Burn? what the heck is that? Granted it's what happens when you play games in summer at 2 PM in the Cotton Bowl, even if you're in the stands, since there wasn't any cover. In regards to MLS teams seeking out arrangements with USL teams, I wonder if Plastic Tree FC will be reaching out to either Austin Bold or San Antonio as an affiliate. Both teams hate the idea of the new kids coming into town but I don't think it would be nearly as contentious for SAFC as it would be for Austin Bold.
  14. Ohio State playing Jump Around in the 4th might fire them up but Wisconsin needs to be more dynamic with their passing game. When you contain Taylor the game is pretty much over. The only scoring drive they had started on Ohio State's 25 yard line.
  15. Seeing Minnesota use their uniforms from 2017 at the start of the year I thought maybe they told him off. Then he's worn the new uniforms the last 4(?) weeks. These are just ugly as heck.
  16. And they'll probably wear that mess vs Penn State next week too.
  17. I'm thinking the 5 will be a reverse version of that 2, and 3 will be illegible.
  18. TCU vs Texas looks like a bad redo of the Longest Yard, the Adam Sandler version.
  19. Reminds me of fan jerseys with numbers meant to be fit inside a shield. It would look better if they rotated the 2, 180 degrees.
  20. Remember that Benjamin Hornigall raided a ship to steal that crew's hats because his guys got drunk and threw theirs overboard.
  21. OK. I remember them wearing that jersey before then when Ronald Curry was the quarterback.
  22. Is there a reason the numbers on the jerseys are smaller, compared to other sports? They're still easy to read so just an observation.
  23. It started with UNC in 1994 though. And this uniform could've been worn forever.