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American ProCricket Logos & Unis


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There's a new professional cricket league just been launched in the US, and if you thought that the ABA logos were bad, take a peek at these (the uniforms appear on each teams page if you scroll down):

American Pro Cricket

Now that is some terrible work right there, I think someone's children may have slapped them together.

I am a big fan of cricket, and I'm all for taking the game to new markets, but for crying out loud, make sure that the thing is going to grab someone's attention.

They should have jumped on to this site for inspiration (and help)!



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Hideous. Beyond. Belief.

Actually, the NY Storm logo is reasonably spiffy...but the league logo sucks, every other team logo sucks, and most of those team uniforms just make me want to whip out the pukey smiley. What sort of twisted individual makes up a nice 'Storm' logo in blues and white and then gives the team a uniform dominated by red and pale green???

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I've never watched a cricket match and I've been desperate to watch one. I tend to like the "non-traditional" u.s. sports as well as the big 4. Soccer, Aussie Rules (a new fav), rugby. All of those I can find on fox sports world but just once I want to see some cricket!! just to see what its all about! If I'm in chicago one weekend I'll have to check out a match.

Oh, and is it just me or do all those uniforms look like their mom's forgot to use the Tide? Everything looks washed out!!!

worst logo by far. The Arrowheads with a...get this...ARROW!! not an arrow head, but an arrow you woudl see on the interstate. Horrible!

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I'm pretty sure you can buy pre made logos for companies where you just change the letters by using their tired, old fonts. It looks like these guys bought that clip art package and didn't even try. That's the bottom line on these. They look really half-assed and tired. This league needs to understand marketing if they want to survive.

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From what I've read about cricket, one match can take anywhere from a full day to a few days. How is that "Fast n Furious Action"?

One Clipart CD + Generic Freeware Fonts + Vector Gradients - Creativity = ABA + Pro Cricket

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Is this a mens league? why the hell would any team want to wear pink???

If you want to watch cricket- wait for the Australia v USA ODI match in September, it's in Holland or England- watch it on TV ( it'll be over in 1hr)

I go to the Boxing Day Test at the MCG every year for the last 2 or 3 days, it's very slow and we all cheer when we hit one run.

Can we start a contest to design a decent shirt for each team??

New York Storm

Jersey Fire

DC Forward

Florida Thunder

Chicago Tornados

San Francisco Freedom

Los Angeles Unity

Texas Arrow Head (WTF?)

Whos up for it??

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Just absolutely horrible.

This is 20 over cricket, so it should take the same ammount of time as a baseball game. But I don't see this as the way to promote it.

The League logo is a batter in a baseball stance with cricket pads on!

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It's like they said "Let's Americanize it!', and then they did it very poorly--There are a coupl of parks around town I've seen them play cricket in, and the unis are usually quite conservative and decidely non-garish--so these were a shock...

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Where do I start???

-I think we need ot vote for the worst...

-Can't they actually get pictures of teh real shirts?

-Were these logos created on PowerPoint?

As to "real" worldwide uniforms, whites are pretty boring, ut the new "colours' they use for day tests (Aussie: is this the correct term?) are pretty cool.

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