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Super Bowl 49 Concept Logo


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Hi guys! For Christmas this year, I got Adobe Illustrator, and I decided to try my hand at a logo. Looking for an inspiration, I thought of the standardized Super Bowl logos. I knew I wanted to create something that would look a lot better. After a couple of hours of work, I had created my first logo! After another hour, I had created a wordmark version and applied it to jerseys. And with that, I would like to present my first ever logo! I know it isn't very good, so any kind of constructive criticism or tip would be very helpful.

With the Super Bowl in Arizona this year, I knew I wanted a desert color scheme. However, I also knew that I wanted some vibrant colors after the years of grayscale. That is how I came to the color scheme or red, yellow, and deep green. By playing around with fonts and the letters, I came up with what I have now.





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Like you said, first logo, so I'm not going to up end you about pushing the boundaries and making a great Super Bowl Logo. However, this looks like a SB logo from the very beginning. It's pretty simple, and boring.

Being your first logo, I'm not going to expect you to update this and make it the greatest thing ever but you can slowly add to what your capabilities are.

Someone said to have the Lombardi Trophy outline. That goes to say first, how are you with the Pen Tool in illustrator? Will have to refine that skill to make better logos in the future. To make stylized versions of trophies and locations. Because for instance I would take a picture of the side view of University of Phoenix Stadium (which has a cool side design) somewhere in the logo. If that doesn't work someone else said a cactus, which, if stylized nicely is enough to give us that Arizona feel. I would just slowly try and add a few more elements and restructure what you have. Might take some time but not going to get it perfect first, the second time, even the third time.

Lastly maybe try and find a more Western Font for the world SUPER BOWL, and a better green color. The one you have seems a little puke green right now. As a reference, maybe using the Phoenix Coyotes old color mix as a base for this.

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