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Brand new to the message boards, been on the site a long time. Is there anyone who can make college basketball jerseys similar to the pro jerseys on this site? I would only like jerseys made from game that I have attended, maybe 20 or 30? If anyone can do it and is interested I would pay for your time. Thanks so much for your help!

Create a thread in the request section and ask there. And make sure you provide more info.

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Hi guys. Sorry for asking but is this pictures are copyright protected? Do you know, is that possible to use pic from this topic


Its closed and I can't find any contact information with topic starter

You must have written permission from whoever made the concept to use it; whether it's for t-shirts, your rec league, a concept of your own, etc. If you can't find any contact info you're s**t outta luck

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If there isn't any trouble, could someone make a PSD template out of these helmets? I want a layer for the color of the helmet, the logo, and the color of the facemask. Thank you!


I second this motion, I am looking for a PSD of this template too.

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Anyone have a template for Adidas' new Primeknit Jersey?


New to this board & very impressed by all the talent on here. I too am looking for an adidas Techfit (or Primeknit) template. 2D & 3D would be excellent.

I'm working on one, it will be complete tomorrow-ish, give or take a day or 2

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