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50 Ads On One Jersey


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That's very NASCAResque. I'm so used to South American and Mexican teams having logos all over the place that I'm not surprised to see this. And the way that Argentina does promotion and relegation is so funky they need all the advert space they can as a 5th division team. 

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20 hours ago, Ray Lankford said:

Seems like a publicity stunt. 


Uh... yes.



" A club in the fifth tier of Argentine football is bidding to make football history and get into the Guinness Book of Records for the most sponsors on a single jersey."


That would be the very definition of "publicity stunt."

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21 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

At least these are pretty subtle compared to the Brooklyn Nets new patch.


That was my thought as well. The volume of ads is of course disturbing, but they do it in a way that they're so small and monochrome that they're not the worse possible thing... I've seen plenty of ads on say Mexican jerseys, which have far less in total, that are large off color and garish that are much worse.

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