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Then-to-Now III Voting


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Here are the contestants:

Against All Odds









Voting is the way as last time. Pick your top 3, and I'll give your choices points depending on their ranking.

3 points for 1st place

2 points for 2nd place

1 point for 3rd place

Deadline is Tuesday at 2:00PM (EST)

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This was a great contest and I wish I wasnt so busy with other projects so that I could have entered.I'm looking forward to Then to Now IV.Here's my top 3:

1-Against All Odds...I'll always have a place in my heart for the "small market teams"(Paint users),and although I'm playing with the Yankees now(AI10) this one is as creative as you'll see anywhere.

2-EZstreet-In my mind it would have won any other Scouts competition hands-down,but to me the AAO entry was too strong.Nice job EZ!

3-Joshuamings-Another clean,solid concept from one of newest designers here.I

look forward to seeing your future work!

To everyone else there was really nice work by all of you and I hate that I missed this one.

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thanks for the votes and comments guys, and im working on the direct images to all the concepts in this post so no links will be involved

EDIT: EZ Street's New Entry:


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oh yea i forgot i keep thinking i cant vote because im in the contest but here's my votes:

Before you say why not EZ street, the thing that makes his concept truly strong, IMO, is Nitroseed's Horse head logo, and i can't give him the vote because of that, the logo's not his, although the uniform is nice, and i believe that when entering in a contest, all work should be yours, whether or not the other person letting you use their logo has approved or not. That being siad:

1st - Free Kobe (Simplicity never fails. Overall, real slick.)

2nd - Joshuamings (Once again, simplicity never fails, but one minor setback: no logo on the sleeves, a little to simple IMO, but overall, real nice)

3rd - OnWis97 (Had Nesi in my mind for 3rd, but what can i say, the brightness in OnWis' really caught my eye, and i like the sleeve striping, vectorized, it would be awesome)

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1. joshuamings - simple & clean...its how i like jerseys to look and this is a fine example. nice touch with the rounded letters/numbers as well.

2. kcscout76 - i dig the underarms and sleeve striping. would bring down the horizontal striping a bit more to give more room for the chest logo.

3. ezstreet - another simple design that is easy on the eyes. not too sure about the logo, but that 'old school', easy striping is great.

all conestants, great job - these contests are fun and i was actually surprised to see as many entrants as there were for designing a not-so-popular defunct team. id also like to take this time to campaign for my design, so look it over again!


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1. kcscout76

2. Against All Odds

3. Leaf4ever

Against All Odds, dude i totally understand your reasoning. I did think about just changing it to the old logo. Perhaps i should have and i would get more votes. Oh well, i think the nitroseed logo better demonstrated my idea. If that cost me votes, so be it :D

Thanks Guys, Good work all of you.

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Here is a current tally of the scores, as of Giles22's vote:

1st Against All Odds (22)

2nd Ez Street (15)

3rd joshuamings (12)

4th FreeKobe (8)

5th KCScout76 (5)

6th OnWis97 (4)

7th Nesi427 (3)

8th motor city squire (2)

9th leafs4ever (1)

10th zoneranger (0)

TIE ABAsite (0)

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