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3 hours ago, PhysicalGraffiti said:

LOVE the name, not sure I see what the logo is supposed to be though.


I was watching the event they held live, via someone's cameraphone.  They had maybe 50, 75 people there.  When the name was announced, people applauded, some obviously season ticket holders who would've been excited had they called them the "Albany Exxons."


When they put the logo on a movie-sized screen behind whomever was speaking - comparative silence, followed by someone in the background muttering "What the **** is that supposed to be."  I did a literal spittake.

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This strikes me as one of those situations where the designer got a little too clever/ambitious for their own good. I get the whole mirrored-E formed by the opening on the helmet...but the visor slit ends up throwing things off. My brain keeps trying to interpret it as a T or an F.


Worse still, the light/shadow effect is backwards. If the goal is have the viewer see an E in the helmet, why make the backwards E more visible than the forwards E? To demonstrate, I mirrored the image above:




Suddenly the "E" pops way more. This one change turns the logo from a visually confounding mess into a solid (arena football) logo.

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On 4/11/2018 at 2:41 AM, Wizza said:

Uniform and combinations unveiled Tuesday April 9th





Helmet closer look


Quarterback, Tommy Grady models one of the uniforms the team will wear during the season, during media day for the Albany Empire, a new Arena Football League team, on Monday, April 9, 2018, at the Times Union Center, in Albany, N.Y. (Paul Buckowski/Times Union) Photo: PAUL BUCKOWSKI, Albany Times Union / (Paul Buckowski/Times Union)


The most annoying part of the look is that they did not use the team's custom wordmarks and they have the leg stamps on the front as well. At least when No Fear was the league wide sponsor, each team had it's own look. I know it's only a four team league but they should still try to be a little unique. 

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