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No, I didn't rip anything. I never saw that..and even if I did, that wasn't the inspiration at all.

I got it from school when I saw "Freedoms" with an artistic underline on a chalkboard.

I was just playing by the way. ;)

EDIT: As if you didn't need enough reason to hate me or my work..


Here are your complementary tomatoes, you can begin throwing them now.

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he didnt rip any thing off. with the exeption of the WF, nothing is the same. freedome is a pretty good name for a washington dc based team, so its no surprise more then one perseon thought of it. chances are, if that is the name of a team the colours are going to be red, white, and blue. the team is named the washington freedome, so a WF logo isnt something someone whould have to work hard at imagining. once again, besides the WF and colours, the concepts look nothing alike. cj didnt even use an eagle, and the font IS different.

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