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Ea sports shows new unis


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As a part of cross-promoting the NFL Draft and EA Sports' Madden NFL 2004, EA is showing dafted players in their new NFL uniforms.  

Carson Palmer in Cincy Black and Orange


Charles Rogers scoring in the new Lions duds


Andrei Johnson in Houston, scoring over Jacksonville DB in TEAL pants


Robertson saying, NO YARDAGE FOR YOU!


They will be updating this throughout the day

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The only time the Cardinals' Red jerseys have changed was in 1970 or 1971 when they had a one-year experiment and trimmed the numbers in Black.

It didn't show up on TV, so they dropped it.

Other than that, they're the same as they've always been.

The White jerseys on the other hand, have had a few tweaks over the years...

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As a Cards fan (who's kind of upset on how the draft went), that's how the red jersey is suppose to be. Very plain, IMO. When Madden 2007 comes out, there might be a change of jerseys and helmets.

Yeah, I've been a Cards fan since '69 (I was six) - just when it seems that they can't go wrong (for once), they somehow blow it anyway.

I've been depressed all day.

Anyway, this is off-topic...yes, the Cards are really thinking about uni changes for the 2006 season - new stadium, new uniforms...

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Wow I....still hate those Detroit unis. They look like Carolina and were much better off before. Oh well, guess I'll have to sell my Harrington jersey and buy a new one to go along with my Rex Grossman Bears jersey.
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i'm trying to figure out what was weirder, the speed draft :D  or the vikes apparently not knowing when they were up :P cus you figure until new ownership comes in, the cards will find a way to screw it up, sadly.

anyway, after further review i still wanna know what detroit was thinking with the black.

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